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Your past has come back to haunt you - SNN - Spoilers
« on: October 24, 2003, 11:00:25 AM »

'Your past has come back to haunt you.'
Mark Burnett's "jaw-dropping twist of all twists" ; the "Curse of the Pearl Islands" apparently phases in next week in the first of a two part mini drama. spoiler
Thursday, October 23, 2003

Previews for Episode 7 seem to confirm information obtained several weeks ago (Accidental Tourist ... Snuffing Out Rumors of a Resurrection) about the mid-season twist that Mark Burnett has been hawking on radio interviews.

All signs are pointing to previously booted players coming back into the game to compete against Morgan and Drake under a wine-colored tribe.

It's unclear at this point how many will come back and over what duration, but we're told to keep an eye on an older woman, a black haired man, and another woman. We heard that one of the challenges involves an escape from a corral like structure and will involve knots, likely the one shown above.

Apparently the older woman goes on to win another challenge later on that involves swinging bridges, canoe racing, diving for items and racing back.

Now the big question is, if players are coming back in, how will current players exit the contest at a rate that still fits everything in the 39 day schedule?

In order for this to work, players currently in the game would have to be screwed in some replacement manner without having been voted out at tribal council; certainly a first in Survivor!

Either that or another bizarro explanation, or tribal councils on turbo. But as Survivor history shows, twists that are too complicated to be explained in less than three sentences are not likely to make the cut.

I wonder if a certain player doesn't give up entirely and for real this time. That's so Big Brother.

We may have more to report on this in the days ahead if we manage to kick over a few more rocks (and lose that guilty feeling of giving the folks at CBS more ulcers), so stay tuned and beware of pirates in these waters.

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Re:Your past has come back to haunt you - SNN - Spoilers
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2003, 11:24:58 AM »
Man this should be interesting.  There are 6 bootees and 5 on each tribe.  Do they compete against each other.  DO they have to answer questions to get there?  Or will it jist be the jail break like Thailand?  FI so will they make a person sit out for the LL tribe.

Could the purple cage be get your memebers into these this cage before the other tribe and when there are 10 the game is over and that is the merged tribe?