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Say Something Silly About the Person Above You .....

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Submitted by Reality Junkee  :waves: , what should we call it RJ ?

This is a really popular thread at another board I go to so I thought I would try it here.

You just put an arrow ^ and say something silly about the person that posted above you.   Also, you can add an < arrow to say something about yourself.

Example if you were the post on top of mine I would write:

^ once told < you held up a bank to get chocolate money

Easy enough right ........

Reality Junkee:
<   luvs  ^  for starting this thread for me :hearts:

How 'bout "say something silly about the person above you"

^  if that's too long, what's an idea ^  has?   ;D

Reality Junkee:
Hmmm.....thought maybe the <  would show next to my name but it doesn't and it looks like I'm pointing to myself.  Everyone can keep in mind that the < still indicates themselves.  What do you think? ???

< thanks ^ for starting this game  :hearts:

Reality Junkee:
<  expects  ^  to send <  lots of chocolate as payment for this idea  ;D


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