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New reality show now casting!


THE EX FACTOR is now casting.

THE EX FACTOR is a dating show in reverse, we look back at previous relationships and try to figure what worked, what didn't, answer any unanswered questions which still bother the former partners.  It's a documentary version of the movie High Fidelity - a real-life journey where each participant has the opportunity to rewrite the ending to their love story.  Gay, straight, bi-sexual, we want to hear your loved and lost stories.

Check out our website,, which has a questionnaire to fill out if you're interested in being part of the show.  

If you'd like more information, call me at 1.877.525.8374, x224 (within Toronto 416.531.0100, x224).  We're based in Toronto but we're willing to go around the world for a great story!

Susan McGrath


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