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Just found this interesting DR - Dalton JM - Jenna MH - Melinda

MH:  I'm not really sure.  I didn't get to meet Bruce.  And the only information that I have about Bruce came from Shane because they were on the same tribe.  The only thing Shane had to say about him is that he talks too much.  But apparently Shane didn't get along with anybody on his older men's tribe.  Surprise, surprise.

DR:  Bruce is a very interesting guy but I will say, a little chatty.  A little chatty.  Bruce is a little chatty.

JM: I don't think it looks so good for him.  He's just with a bad group of people.

MH:  And like you said, he's going to have to...once you're away from the people, they've already bonded, I guess, if you want to call it.

JM:  He's going to be steps behind. But maybe him and Aras can do some sort of meditation.

MH:  And Courtney.  Courtney's into that, too.

DR:  She's gangsta Hollywood, people.  She's gangsta Hollywood.

Caller:  It's painfully obvious to me that this alliance is going to crumble sooner rather than later.  Shane has no heart and Aras has no clue.  It looked like Courtney was visibly upset with the both of them.   Was she ever an option for you three and Bobby to possibly take into your alliance.

MH:  No, she wasn't an option.  I don't think that she was upset with the decision.  She was just upset that Aras put it out there.  She was one of the main people that was trying to convince Shane to stay.  She wasn't at all upset about the decision.  She was just upset that it had been put out there.  She was almost trying to act as if she cared.

DR:  That's smart if you're going to be on the jury.  If I were in her position and two guys from my alliance blew it wide open, and came over and made these decisions without consulting me, I'd be like, I'm in the wrong alliance.

MH:  I think that they had already talked about it.   They had already talked about that it was going to be me or Cirie.  That whole kind of thing.  I just don't think that Courtney realized that he was going to throw it out there at us.

JM:  I want to know what their deciding factor was between you and Cirie.  What made them go for you instead of her?

MH:  I don't know this for sure but I'm pretty sure that it was Bobby, actually.  Which is odd.  The reason is that he actually approached me.  During the schoolyard pick, Cirie picked Bobby.  And he said that it was apples, oranges.  He didn't care which way or the other but he wasn't going to vote for her first because she picked him.  Basically once he said that, the rest of them, I don't think that they cared one way or the other if it was me or Cirie.  Therefore, if Bobby's gonna vote for Melinda, we'll just all vote for Melinda.

DR:  Look at that, the Bob Dawg calling the shots.

JM:  It's a ripple effect from the schoolyard pick 'em.

DR:  We've sort of gone through the thing here.  Danielle, very upset but not a lot of time to do anything.  Courtney, still very hardcore in that mix.  Bob Dawg, sort of on the outs.  I mean, he's not part of that four but he's calling out that you're going to go.

JM: I think that the smart people, the majority are not on your tribe, they know, like Courtney probably knows that this alliance of four is not going to make it long but will take me to the merge.  That's what she's probably thinking.   If we vote someone off all the way to the merge it probably won't get to me.  So I'm pretty much safe.  That's what she's thinking.

MH:  Probably.  I wouldn't classify her as one of the smarter ones.  But I think that's probably what she's thinking.   I think the four of them actually planned on...plan on taking it to the final four.

(FWIW I don't know if its worse that Melinda says they planned on taking it to the final four outing that they wont or that she dogged Courtney saying shes not smart???? Cant wait till Courtney's Survivor Live interview after all Courtney does have a college degree does Melinda???)

JM:  That's not going to happen.  They'll eat each other alive before they even get there.

Caller:  Melinda, after they had the announcement that it was one of you two, did you try to campaign for yourself?  Did you feel that would be going back on your arrangement with Cirie?

MH:  Actually, first of all, we only had about 10 minutes after we were told that it was either myself or Cirie.   And when Cirie and I made our uhhhh...I never expected going out there that I would meet somebody that I could trust 110% but that's who I found in Cirie.  When we made our alliance we promised that we would never advocate the other person being voted out, nor would we write each other's name down.  The only way I could have done, you know, gotten out of my situation would have been to go to them and say, "You need to vote out Cirie."  I had promised her I wouldn't do that.  Actually, after they told me that they were going to vote me out, I told Cirie, "Go ahead and vote for me because they already have the numbers.  They already have the majority.  Don't piss somebody off."  And she wouldn't.  She said, "No, I told you I was not going to write your name down and I won't."

DR:  Let's take a look at this clip from Tribal Council.  We're going to see you guys talking at Tribal Council and see Cirie getting emotional.  Jenna Morasca thought, is it a ploy?  I don't know.

<Video clip of Tribal Council - Cirie crying>

DR:  Jenna Morasca thought that maybe that was a ploy.

JM:  I thought that she probably does mean that but I know that she's smart and in the back of her mind she may think that instead of holding it back, just show my cards.  She's obviously smart and knows what she's doing and people are going to underestimate her.

MH:  She's very, very smart.  It could have been a ploy to let the rest of them know for future reference because they said that whoever it is today, it's going to be the other one in three days.

(Would Cirie really have not voted for Melinda if push came to shove??? )

JM:  Which probably won't happen on Survivor.

MH:  But at that point we already knew...I mean...they told me that it was going to be me.  We knew it was going to be me.   She wasn't...obviously, she was happy it wasn't her.  But she wasn't happy to be going back to the tribe of all of those people.

JM:  I don't blame her.

MH:  She was more emotional at Tribal because of me going home than she was about herself.

Aras the first person to try to meditate fire.......... "Just a little longer guys................. ???? you feel the energy now................????? what about now?????"