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Name: DAVID SPIKER Occupation: Musician Age: 30 Hometown: Manhattan, Kan.

Name: LORI WILLEMS Occupation: Pizza Hut Manager Age: 25 Hometown: Manhattan, Kan.

Relationship: DATING

From the preview~

Amazing! Kansans in race for $1 millionManhattan couple will compete against 10 other teams as "The Amazing Race 9" begins Tuesday.
The Wichita EagleTwo Kansans from Manhattan will be among 11 teams competing in "The Amazing Race 9" when the popular reality show begins again Tuesday.
We'll get to meet David Striker, 30, and Lori Willems, 25, who is originally from Hutchinson, who have been dating for three years and say they want to win the $1 million prize to pay for their wedding.
He's a Fed-Ex employee who dreams of eventually making it as a musician, and she's a Pizza Hut assistant manager.
"They came to us as self-described nerds. And we couldn't disagree," said Bertram van Munster, co-creator, executive producer and director of the show. "But they are an adorable Midwestern couple. They are real people and a terrific team."
The couple, who are prohibited by contract from commenting on the show before the results air, are listed as "early outs" on a couple of fan Web sites devoted to the show; one person commented that they "look a little out of shape."
But one supporter protested: "Finally! They listened to what we want. Two words: Real people."
Striker and Willems will be up against 10 other two-person teams, including two dating couples from Illinois and Arkansas, a retired married couple from Colorado, a young married couple from Mississippi, sisters from Florida and a mother and daughter from Georgia.
What makes a good contestant?
"We've had all kinds of people, from age 21 to 70. As long as they are in good physical and mental condition, they are eligible," van Munster said in a phone interview. "But we look for pre-existing relationships. That's the key."
But long-standing relationship doesn't necessarily mean totally in sync.
"We've had people who bicker constantly win the race. We've had people who work in complete harmony win. What matters is that they can work together to make last-minute decisions."
The teams left from Denver and visited five continents, including stops in Sicily, the Middle East and Moscow. As always, the first team to finish the race won $1 million.
"The Amazing Race" has won three Emmy Awards in a row -- 2002, 2003 and 2004 -- as best reality show. It's also a ratings champ. What keeps people coming back?
"Everybody can identify with it. Everybody has traveled in a car, train or plane with somebody and knows what it's like to make last-minute decisions," van Munster said.
If you watch
'Amazing Race 9'
What: Newest edition of the popular reality game show, this time featuring a couple from Kansas: David Spiker and Lori Willems


Lori & David on the Early show ( not updated yet )

I'll miss them.

They are the team most likely to post on a web board.

 :'( :'( :'(


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