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I really liked this team and was sad that they got eliminated. I thought that it was funny how on TES whoever it was giving them the interview called Monica JILL! I mean there were alot of comparisons pre-season from this team to JVJ and K/J but come on after they got eliminated it was obdvious that they we're nothing like JVJ. How could she make such a mistake?

I was so happy that MOJO got eliminated.  They were getting on my nerves. What puzzled me during the show was why did the taxi driver told MOJO that they should not go to the other bus counter to inquire about the bus??  The taxi driver stated he knows how things are or something like that.  Then when MOJO purchased tickets for the 5:20 a.m. bus -- they asked the lady behind the counter if it was the first bus when in fact there was an earlier one at 4 a.m. when BJ and Tyler got on.  Did MOJO piss off their taxi driver and he told everyone not to help out?   :snicker:

RNO's MoJo interview .
"We Get Mad at Each Other But Always Have Respect for Each Other” - An Interview with The Amazing Race 9’s Monica and Joseph
by Jenn Brasler -- 05/12/2006

All of the final four Amazing Race teams were worthy competitors, but one team had to go. Joseph and Monica, AKA Mojo, were that unlucky team. Read on to find out how things are now, what they would have done differently, and why Joseph really didn’t like the hippies

Amazing Race Loses Its MoJo
by Rochell D. Thomas
Joseph and Monica, The Amazing Race
They tried and tried, but last week Team Mojo lost its, um, mojo in Thailand when Monica collapsed under the pressure of racing for 28 days and dropped a few too many clay pots. Now, in tonight's season finale of The Amazing Race 9, three teams run for the border and the $1 million prize. Who'll crack next? "Frat Boys" Eric and Jeremy get the Arkansans' vote. "They're the best, most consistent team — so fit and smart," Monica says. "They deserve to win." Did you think you'd make it to the final four?
Monica: We thought we had a pretty good chance to make it to the final three! And what happened?
Joseph: S----y cabdrivers happened! True, a lot of The Race is out of your control, with cabdrivers and people who don't speak English. Where did you have the best cabbie?
Monica: In Italy, after Palermo — which I know how to pronounce now, thank you — we said to our cabdriver, "Would you stay with us and let us follow you to the Castle?" He led us there and when we got there, he spoke to all the locals.
Joseph: That guy was amazing. He not only drove really fast and knew right where we were going, but he was a huge help. We made up all that time on the Hippies and Eric and Jeremy. We arrived three hours behind them and were right behind them coming in [to the pit stop]. You also made up a lot of time after the Hippies yielded to you in Lake Bennet, Australia.
Joseph: The didgeridoo part was key — you have to really read into those clues. It said, "Play one note." You could get that note in one minute... or in 10.
Monica: Right. We knew that wasn't going to be very hard. And being in a river [for a mile would have taken] longer. What do you consider to be the biggest mistake you made?
Joseph: Probably when we didn't ask our cabdriver to stay when we did the pots [in Koh Kret, Thailand]. I wish we would have said, "Hey, man, will you stick around? We'll pay you!"
Monica: When we were done with the pots, we were pretty even with Ray and Yolanda. The [camera crew] was saying, "Don't give up." But finding a cab took 20 minutes. There's no question in my mind that we would have been in the top three if we'd had a cab. Monica, have you ever cried so much in your life?
Monica: [Laughs] It's really tough. Sleep deprivation and being where you can't eat anything... it gets to you. In the fish market, my arms were bleeding and having allergic reactions, so I cried. But [on screen] it doesn't look like that's what happened. It just looks like I didn't like the fish. Which was worse: carrying the swordfish or the clay pots?
Monica: Oh, carrying the clay pots!
Joseph: That was a longer walk — around half a mile — and it was more tedious in the sense that you were carrying a 10-foot board, zigzagging in and out of these sidewalks in the Thai market. You could barely nick the end of your board and pots would fall off. It was a lot harder than it looked. Monica, now that the race is over, do you still wish the Frat Boys hadn't given B.J. shoes? The dude was barefoot!
Monica: Yes, because you can't get on the plane if you don't have shoes. If he really needed shoes, he could have gone back for them, because he lost them. Wow, no remorse!
Joseph: No remorse. You're on a race. Why would you help someone out? We couldn't understand that strategy with the other teams. But didn't other teams help you out?
Joseph: Sure. But when someone comes in last place and gets noneliminated, twice... we're not going to give them any help. Refresh our memory: When exactly did you and the Hippies become enemies?
Joseph: They started the war, actually, in Oman when they told Eric and Jeremy they wanted to yield us. That came out of left field. We didn't know what we had done to them to make them want to do that.
Monica: They also stooped to a new level by making up rumors about me and Eric, which we didn't appreciate. Speaking of flirting and things going on, there are a lot of couples. Is there time for sex on the race?
Joseph: [Long pause] I don't know. You're very tired at the end of each leg. I don't know about the other teams.
Monica: According to Fran and Barry, it ruined their sex life. Last question: If you had gone for the fast-forward in Thailand, do you think you would have been able to eat the crickets?
Joseph: I definitely think we would have given B.J. and Tyler a run for their money.
Monica: I've never eaten a cricket. But I'm not one of those people who are like, "Ew, a bug! I'm not eating that." I would make myself eat it.
Joseph: This isn't Fear Factor where you can't throw up. I definitely think we could have shoved in a handful and then thrown up and ate some more. Joseph, in your final episode, you mentioned that Monica was the woman you wanted to marry. Have you officially asked her yet?
Joseph: I have not officially asked Monica yet. I'm a very surprising kind of guy. So what's next for you two?
Joseph: Monica's graduating college this weekend.
Monica: I'm going to do real estate for a little bit. Joseph's a developer, so I'm going to sell his houses. Then hopefully I'll get into PR, maybe for a nonprofit. It's what I've always wanted to do.


MoJo still very bitter against BJT :meow: , get over it !


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