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MoJo rooting for frat boys

CALGARY -- Monica Cayce and Joseph Meadows are giving their "MoJo" to the frat boys.

The dating couple from Arkansas, who were eliminated from The Amazing Race 9 after a close finish in Thailand last week, say they're now throwing their support behind friends Eric Sanchez and Jeremy Ryan in tonight's two-hour finale at 9 on CTV (Cable 2).

"Eric and Jeremy deserve to win. They've been the strongest team the entire race," says Monica, a 23-year-old student.

While MoJo's desire to see the frat boys take home this season's $1-million US prize is not shocking, the fact they would rather see Bohemian best buds BJ Averell and Tyler Macniven - whom they had an ongoing feud with on the show - win over Yolanda Brown-Moore and Ray Whitty is surprising.

It's not that they've found any new admiration for the hippies, but because they do not want to see the weakest team finish first.

"Ray and Yolanda can't win," says Monica.

Adds Joseph, "I think they are one of the worst teams. They have been in the back of the pack the whole race."

The young couple also do not believe BJ and Tyler, who finished last on both non-elimination legs of the race, have earned the title of Amazing Race winners.

"BJ and Tyler are good, but they deserved to be gone a long time ago. Two non-eliminations is just too many," says Monica, who still holds a grudge against the hippies for making up a story about her and one of the frat boys in order to destroy Joseph's mental game.

"This isn't a mind game - this is a race. That was just stupid and pointless and it made me mad

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'Amazing Race' duo shift their anger

By BILL BRIOUX - Toronto Sun

MoJo makes picks for who should win

Go Frat Boys. That’s the word from Monica Cayce and Joseph Meadows, a.k.a. Team MoJo. The couple were eliminated last week on The Amazing Race.

Tonight, after 60,000 miles and dozens of countries, three teams are left as the ninth edition of the series heads for the finish line (8 p.m., CTV and CBS).

“We’re rooting for Eric and Jeremy,” Meadows told the Sun yesterday from their home in Arkansas. They feel frisky Frat Boys Eric Sanchez and Jeremy Ryan deserve to win after leading most of the race.

They dismissed Yolanda Brown-Moore and Ray Whitty as also rans. “They’ve been in the back of the pack the whole race,” said Meadows.

Unlike a lot of viewers, they have no love for the fun loving The Hippies — BJ Averell and Tyler Macniven — who are still hanging in despite finishing last twice. in non-elimination legs

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--- Quote ---Joseph and I were married in July of 2007 after being together for 5 years. In 2005 we were contestants on the CBS tv show, The Amazing Race where we raced around the world, 70,000 miles in 28 days to Brazil, Russia, Germany, Sicily, Rome, Greece, Oman, Australia and Thailand. We now live in Fort Smith, AR with our fabulous cocker spaniel Lola. I am a real estate agent and Joseph develops and manages residential and mulit family properties. We love family, friends, the lake, wakebording, tennis, hunting (well, Joseph does), reality tv, politics, spontaneity, traveling, poker night, good wine, etc! We look forward to a family of our own, until then it's just the adventures of Monica and Joseph!
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