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Houston, we have a program (or two or three ...)

On Tuesday, prepare yourself for the Frosties. Sisters Joni Glaze, a 44-year-old children's minister from Katy, and Lisa Hinds, a 48-year-old real estate agent from Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., are given that nickname in the premiere of a new edition of The Amazing Race (8-10 p.m. Tuesday, CBS/Channel 11).
Perhaps the sisters would be more comfortable with "Glamazons," a title they ascribe to themselves.
"We're 6-foot-tall girly girls — glamorous Amazons — representing all big-boned women in America," Joni says on the show.
"People will take us for granted," adds Lisa. "We tend to get our way a lot because we're bright and know how to manipulate people."
"No is never an option," says Joni.
But can two 40-something "girly girls" win the grueling round-the-world race? That comes into serious question in the two-hour opener.
"These sisters get a hell of a shock in the first leg of the race," host Phil Koeghan told the Chronicle. "Joni was completely and utterly shocked by what she had to go through and what is required to be in this race. These are definitely sisters who have enjoyed luxury in their life and perhaps prefer that over roughing it by being in a tent and going a few days without a shower."
No one's saying how far the sisters make it in the race.
This much is certain: The show has returned to its original, award-winning ways, forsaking the family format that ruled last fall.
"There's no denying the race is most successful when it has less faces and more places, where it has teams of two racing around the world," Koeghan said.
The new edition makes up for the last (which was America-bound most of the time) by traveling 60,000 miles in a mere 29 days.


Video link in realone

(CBS) A little car trouble put the brakes on "The Amazing Race" for sisters Lisa and Joni in the episode aired Tuesday night.

The loud, proud, rambunctious, good-natured sisters, who are both over six feet tall and like to call themselves "The Glamazons," had a run-in with a '67 Volkswagen, and spent much of the time lost in Brazil's countryside, to boot.

Lisa Hinds, 48, a realtor and artist who lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. and Joni Glaze, 44, a children's pastor from Katy, Texas, became the second team to be sent packing.

The team eliminated last week, John Lowe and Scott Braginton-Smith, came up with another name for the sisters, "The Frosties."

The ten remaining teams all started out in San Paulo and ended up in the country.

As the "Race" "official Web site put it, "After a thrilling 400-foot rappel down a São Paulo building, the teams made their way into the beautiful green Brazilian countryside, where best friends BJ and Tyler and friends Eric and Jeremy once again battled for supremacy, with "the hippies" (BJ and Tyler) coming out on top. Meanwhile, after their car broke down, married couple Fran and Barry believed they were finished, but sisters Lisa and Joni had an even greater struggle with their car and became the second team eliminated."

Joni laughed as she told CBS News, "Lisa agreed to drive and I agreed to eat. She usually drives a Mercedes, so I guess it's different from a '67 Volkswagen."

For complete details of what happened during Round Two, click here.

After the latest round ended, says the "Race" site, there was a tearful scene: "Lisa placed the blame fully on herself and her inability to drive the car to which Joni replied, “We did our best and that's all we could do.” Lisa later remarked, “What I admire most in Joni is her outlook on life. She's always got a positive outlook. I needed to hear some encouraging words and she was really, really good about doing that.” Joni added, “I feel like we're winners. Just given the opportunity to go around the world, to experience the race with my sister, money can't buy that. There's no way a million dollars could ever buy that.”

Joni told CBS News taking part in "Race" made the sisters much closer than they had been: "We would see each other on holidays, but we were never close. Lisa was 17 when she moved out. After that, we drifted apart. Then we started emailing each other four years ago and she asked me to apply for the Race with her. …Now we talk every day. The two of us getting back together was better then winning the million (dollars top prize).

On The Early Show Wednesday, Lisa told co-anchor Harry Smith she's a "huge" fan of "The Amazing Race" and she was "heartbroken" and "devastated" when she and Joni were eliminated.

Joni told Smith car that gave Lisa so much trouble wasn't a Volkswagen, "It was a demon."

"I thought I could drive a manual (transmission) until I got in that car," Lisa said to Smith. "I've been doing it forever. There were no gauges that worked. The headlights didn't work."

The roads were no better. "There were roads, I didn't even know they made roads like that," Lisa remarked.

The sisters screamed quite a bit during their time in "Race," and Smith showed a montage of various screams.

Smith, who's six-foot-three, asked Lisa and Joni to stand next to him, and they were both almost as tall as he was. One stood on each side, and Lisa cracked, "We made a Harry sandwich!"

Reality Junkee:
What can I say about Lisa & Joni?  While they annoyed me with their screaming (like the Godlewskis), they cracked my hubby and I up BY their screaming...not to mention "I pee'd my pants" :lol:    But when they were Philiminated and Lisa was crying saying how she had been wanting to do this race from the moment she saw it, I felt badly for her.  While her sister tried to comfort her saying they DID do the race, I understood what Lisa was saying:  she wanted to go farther then just 2nd elimination and have more adventures.  I read their bios and saw that after 20 years of not seeing each other, they hoped to reconnect through the race.  I'm glad they got to do just that and hope they continue to see each other as often as possible.  It looks like they have fun together.  Good for them

So after all that, what do I say about them?  Way to go Lisa & done good  :tup: :nods:

Jeffrey Scott:
Well, it always sucks to go first or second, but somenoe has to go. In the end, the WERE on the race and that is a big accomplishment in itself. I hope they don't beat themselves up to badly for not getting first.

Reality Junkee:
Oh, I agree Jeffrey.  They got on the show and had some fun at least.  I think the initial disappointment was reason for Lisas crying which is TOTALLY understandable.  But like I said before, they finally got together and I hope they continue to see each other often.  And hopefully Lisa looks back now with good thoughts about their experience. ;D


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