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Name: JONI GLAZE Occupation: Children's Minister Age: 44 Hometown: Katy, Texas

Name: LISA HINDS Occupation: Realtor/Artist Age: 48 Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

Relationship: SISTERS

From the preview ~

Lisa Hinds ~

Lisa Hinds
 Painting, Figurative
"I am often asked about my paintings.......what inspires me and keeps me motivated. As with any artist, it is about expression. An anxiousness to do improve. While some may believe that striving for perfection becomes obsession, I find that the obsessions within my life and my paintings are what I hold most dearly. I dread the day when any of my obsessions become perfection as I fear that the inspiration may be lost forever." "It is enough that these paintings are representative of some carefully taken steps to where I am going." Lisa Hinds - [Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (FL), USA] 

a sample of her painting

Mon, 17 October 2005
 Lisa Hinds - Amongst the grass
The five minute artcast # 30 looks at Lisa Hinds and her picture Amongst the grass. Find out more by visiting

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Jan. 30, 2006, 6:34PM
Katy woman hits road for The Amazing Race
Joni Glaze and her sister to vie for the big prize

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

A woman with Katy connections will be one of 22 participants in the next edition of The Amazing Race.

Joni Glaze, a children's minister, will partner with her sister Lisa Hinds, a real estate agent from Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

After criticism and a dip in ratings, The Amazing Race will return to its previous international format. Stops on the next edition, which begins Feb. 28, will include the Middle East, Moscow and Sicily.

The sisters will have their work cut out for them. They've lived apart for almost 20 years, and they have age working against them. Glaze is 44, Hinds 48.

Contestants are not permitted to talk to the press until their participation is over, so this information comes from Photos of the contestants can be found there

I used to work with Joni. Oh my my how insane is this.  I can't wait to see the show. I was living in Katy when I met her.   I will be biting my nails until the premiere. :hearts: :bliss: :jam:


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