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Name: BARRY LAZARUS Occupation: Retired Physician Age: 63 Hometown: Silverthorne, Colo.

(More) Name: FRAN LAZARUS Occupation: Retired Accountant Age: 61 Hometown: Silverthorne, Colo.

Relationship: MARRIED 40 YEARS

Alumnus competes on CBS’s ‘Amazing Race’
Contact: Michele Leiberman
Barry and Fran Lazarus (left), contestants on the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race,” will no doubt have their own cheering section in the McDaniel community when the first show of the ninth season airs Feb. 28 on CBS.
Lazarus, a retired urologist and graduate in the class of '64, and his wife dove from an airplane, bungee-jumped, and scaled buildings in their attempt to beat 11 other couples in the 30-day race across five continents. Although the race is finished, the results are top secret until revealed on television in the course of the season.

At every destination, each team competes in a series of challenges – some mental and some physical – and only when each task has been completed do they learn their next destination. Teams that are farthest behind are eliminated, and the first team to arrive at the final destination wins $1 million.

George Gebelein, 1964 class president, takes some responsibility for bringing the Lazarus’ together. The couple had their first date at his house in the early '60s, and they remain friends four decades later.

“The fact that Barry and Fran are going to be on this show is awesome for me and may be the pinnacle of the fantastic adventures Barry and Fran have experienced during their lifetime,” Gebelein says. “I am excited and so proud of them. The suspense is unbearable.”

The couple, now living in Colorado, is keeping details of the show mum for now, but their friend Marsha Cooper says they were thrilled to be picked for “The Amazing Race.”

“Competing with so many younger people was challenging in the physical viewpoint, but the mechanics were probably easier for them,” Cooper says. “They were very excited and called it a life-altering experience. They talk about the friends they have made and say they’ve been surprised in ways they didn't expect.”

Silverthorne couple to compete in CBS' 'The Amazing Race'

SILVERTHORNE - Silverthorne residents Fran and Barry Lazarus have climbed all 54 of Colorado's 14ers together, traveled to more than 45 countries with each other and have competed twice in the grueling Triple Bypass road bike race from Evergreen to Avon.

Now the couple, who've been married for 40 years, will see if they can add reality television show winners and millionaires to their list of life's accomplishments.

The Lazaruses are one of 11 teams of two who will vie for $1 million in the upcoming season of CBS' popular "The Amazing Race" reality TV show.

The adventure series pits the teams against each other as they travel to exotic locations across five continents to complete unknown tasks.

At Fran's age of 61 and Barry's at 63, they are the oldest competitors on the show, but in an interview posted on CBS' web site, Barry dismissed any concerns about the generation gap.

"We bring a new dimension to the older person that's been on the show in the past," he said. "We're competitors. We're not showing up to say, 'Oh, we had a good run, gee we're happy.' We really want to win."

Breckenridge residents Cary and Marsha Cooper, who have been close friends with the Lazaruses since the two couples moved to Summit County separately nearly a decade ago, suggested the parents of two apply to be on the show.

Marsha Cooper said she wasn't surprised to hear they ultimately landed a spot.

"We thought that if anyone in the category of the more mature couple could get into the finals of the show, it would be them," she said.

The other participants include two sisters, a mother-daughter team and several pairs who are either dating or are longtime friends, most of whom are in their 20s and 30s.

But, Cooper believes what the Lazaruses may lack in strength or running speed compared to the younger competitors, they more than make up for in their maturity and familiarity with the travel system.

"They have always prided themselves on being able to buy the cheapest tickets, the fastest routes, the most direct routes," Cooper said. "They have a maturity about travel that other couples, I assume, will not have, and that's a real advantage."

For instance, one contestant has never been outside the United States and another has a fear of flying.

The Lazaruses moved to Summit County from Baltimore eight years ago.

Fran is a retired accountant, and Barry is a retired urologist.

"The Amazing Race" premieres on Feb. 28 on CBS and runs for about 16 weeks, with teams leaving at different points in the broadcast, depending on how they place in races. The Lazaruses are contractually bound against speaking about the details of the show until it is over, or until they lose.


Baltimore's 'Amazing Race' Duo

Adam Stone
Special to the Jewish Times

MARCH 31, 2006

They tried to build a motorcycle. They sifted through more than 1,000 Russian nesting dolls.

Ah, the price of fame.

Barry and Fran Lazarus, ages 63 and 61, respectively, have taken on these and other oddball tasks not just to be in the limelight but also for the chance to win $1 million as contestants on the hit CBS reality show, "The Amazing Race."

While they now call Colorado home, both Mr. and Mrs. Lazarus were born and raised in the Pimlico section of Northwest Baltimore. Mrs. Lazarus graduated from Forest Park High School in 1961, and her husband graduated from Baltimore City College the year before.

What drew the Lazaruses from their comfortable retirement and into a worldwide race of curious stunts all filmed live for deposit into the voracious maw of the monster that is reality-based television?

"We like to do adventure travel and navigation. We never take vacations, only adventures," the couple e-mailed the Baltimore Jewish Times from somewhere in Europe. "This was right up our alley."

For Mr. Lazarus' 60th birthday, they went to India, and they celebrated Mrs. Lazarus' six decades with a trip to China. It almost makes "The Amazing Race" sound tame by comparison, with its stopovers in Russia and Brazil.

Friends in the area say they were not surprised to see the Lazaruses — even at their age — chosen as one of just 11 couples to appear on the show, from a pool of some 18,000 applicants.


"They hike, they bike, they mountain-climb. They wake up wondering which slope they should ski today. I think that was a reason they were picked," said Steve Stadd, a childhood friend who now lives in Cross Keys.

Shooting took place in the fall of 2005. The show airs 10 p.m. on Tuesdays and will end May 16.

Until then the Lazaruses are bound to give only sketchy details of their adventures, so mum's the word.

"It began in Denver, and the first clue was at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. After running up the steps, we were instructed to drive to the airport and fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil. After that, we went to Brotas and then onto Moscow," they wrote in their e-mail.

We know that at some point, they had a choice between cleaning out a Russian trolley or searching for a clue among 1,500 nesting dolls. They couldn't find the trolley park and went for the dolls instead.

In the past, "Amazing Race" teams have staggered across the desert, built log flumes out of felled trees and lassoed Gila monsters. (Yes, you read that right.)

Other contestants this time around include Danielle and Dani, childhood friends whose manifest cleavage keeps the camera captivated. The arrogant and athletic Jeremy and Eric bring attitude to the table.

So what do Barry and Fran bring?

"We believe the race is comprised of brains, physical strength and luck. We bring a bit of all that to the race," they write.

As for being the oldest team on the field? That one is easy: "Age is just a number."

Whata sweet couple!  :hugs:  And they reside in my home State!  :hearts:


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