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mine either. LOL

RNO'S interview with Eric & Jeremy  :hrt:

Its In Our Nature to Flirt - An Interview with The Amazing Race 9s Eric & Jeremy
by Jenn Brasler -- 05/19/2006

Eric & Jeremy were two of the toughest competitors the race has ever seen, so its surprising that they came in second. Is there anything they wish theyd done differently? Are they really as obsessed with girls as they seem to be? And what are their plans for the future? Read on to find out.

--- Quote ---RNO: What are your future plans?

Eric: Im moving up to New York to continue a relationship with Danielle from the show.
--- End quote ---

thats awesome  :hearts:

:meow: thats for all those people that called E/J gay  (:;)

i called them metrosexual  B:) if you pointing your boney finger at me  :flirt:


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