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Name: SCOTT BRAGINTON-SMITH Occupation: Sales Age: 41 Hometown: West Harwich, Mass.

Name: JOHN LOWE Occupation: Wealth Manager Age: 8 Hometown: Dorchester, Mass.


From the Preview ~

Mike-e knows John and is going to send us some pictures soon ( thanks Mike-e)

--- Quote --- Mike-e 

OH MY GOD! I know John!!! He is soooooo funny and QUEENY! Our nickname for him is Miss Lowe (his last name). I hope they do well...

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Mike-e 

 I will dig out the pictures (and some of them are hu-flippin-larious), get them scanned and posted them here tomorrow. He could be the funniest person I know.

He's not very athletic, but we did ride our bikes for Boston to New York in 3 days 1 summer and that's was the toughest AIDS Ride I've ever done. I hope I have pictures of that...
--- End quote ---

Thanks to Mike-e  :-*, here are a few pictures of John that Mike-e took and wanted to share with us ~



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