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That's true, and if he really did lose his cool, I wanna see it!!

Jeffrey Scott:
Yea, but if he did lose his cool, I'm sure it'll surface again.

RNO's interview with RaYo

“It Looks Like I Have a Wedding to Plan!” - An Interview with The Amazing Race 9’s Ray & Yolanda
by Jenn Brasler -- 05/19/2006

At the beginning of the season, Ray & Yolanda were known as the long-distance dating couple who had never spent much time together. As the race went on, they proved themselves as competitors, managing to hang on leg after leg until finally coming in third. Read on to find out their take on luck in the race, what they wish they could have done, and what their plans are for the future.

--- Quote ---RNO: Is there anything else you want to say to people?

Ray & Yolanda: The world is waiting… for Ray & Yolanda! YAYO FOR RAYO!
--- End quote ---


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