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Re: TAR 26: Aly Dudek & Steve Langton
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Since I am one of the very, very few fans of Aly and Steve here

Posted on Apr 20, 2015 10:55am on CBS.COM

Aly and Steve, the sixth team eliminated on Season 26, answer your questions about running The Amazing Race.

1. Jasmine N: Hi Aly and Steve. My question for you is being the 6th team eliminated on the race, how does competing on The Amazing Race compare to competing for an Olympic medal?

Aly: Amazing Race and the Olympics are so different. The Amazing Race is so much fun!! Itís not that the Olympics are not fun, but it is something I have been training for since a very young age. They are very similar in the way that there is a lot on the line. For the Race, it is a lot of money and for the Olympics, it is your lifeís dream on the line. It is a very hard question and very hard to compare.
Steve: Like Aly said there is really no way to compare the two other than the fact that there is a lot on the line for bothÖ Amazing Race is about money and the Olympics are about the medal, your dream and your country. Other than the fact that it is a competition and there is a lot on the line, it is not very similar at all.

2. Laura G: Why not disguise the fact that you are Olympic athletes? Do you think that put a target on your back?
Aly: Telling people that we were Olympic athletes definitely put a target on are back and if we were to go back I donít think I would have told them.
Steve: If we didnít say it, I definitely think it would have come out at some point, though.

3. Judi S: Okay, my question actually goes back to the first episode. Were you totally shocked you had to climb on a flight to Japan wearing soaking wet clothes and covered in mud? I cannot imagine how those showers were capable of cleaning everyone.
Aly: That was hilarious. We were all going through security soaking wet, covered in mud and dirt. People were staring at us like we were nuts. We didnít get to shower at the airport either. We used the hand dryers to try and dry off but all we did was change our clothes.
Steve: When we went through the metal detector, my whole body went numb since I was soaking wet.

4. Jody M: What was your biggest challenge in the race?
Aly: Trying to find the right flight is really hard. There are a lot of flights that are hidden that you do not see right away.
Steve: The hardest part for us was just getting around and traveling.

5. Erikson J: Hi Aly and Steve. What happened during this leg of the race that triggered the emotions from both of you that you guys didn't have first half of the game? Because I thought the first half of the game you guys are good team!

Aly: We were still a great team!
Steve: Even legs that we did really well we made mistakes in.
Aly: Unfortunately, the mistakes we made in Africa were detrimental. At that point in the Race, we were hungry, tired and stress levels are higher so the mistakes seem worse than in the beginning of the Race.

6. Tammy M: Who do you think will win the race? FYI, you both were awesome racers.
Aly: Thanks, Tammy!
Steve: All the teams left are really, really strong. At this point, we would like Matt and Ashley to win.

7. Janny C: Are yaíll planning on staying together after the drama on the race?
Aly: This is the number one question my mom gets from people. Everyone asks. Yes, absolutely, our relationship has only gotten stronger since the Race.

8. Sarah-Ann L: Best and worst moments on the race?
Aly: I loved the beer challenge. The carrying of the stein. It was a simpler challenge but it was personally my favorite. My least favorite was eating the eggs. I still have a hard time eating hard boiled eggs.
Steve: That was my least favorite as well. I donít have a favorite challenge but my favorite place was the bar rooftop in Thailand which was great.
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Re: TAR 26: Aly Dudek & Steve Langton
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This one is on TVGUIDE.COM

It was a long, sad demise for Aly and Steve on Friday's two-part Amazing Race. After getting a flat in the middle of the Namibian desert and coming in last on a non-elimination leg, the Olympic speed skater and bobsledder fell further behind on the next leg, highlighted (or low-lighted?) by Steve walking in the opposite direction looking for their Roadblock briefcase, that Laura and Tyler U-Turning them was probably unnecessary. "It was just two hours of the twisting of the knife," Steve jokes to Did they have any chance of catching up? How did Steve miss the briefcase so badly? See what they say below.

It's safe to say you knew you were last.
Aly: Yeah, we didn't see any other team the entire day, so that in and of itself gave us confirmation that we were far behind.

You didn't seem surprised to be U-Turned, but was that adding insult to injury?

Steve: We were expecting to be U-Turned. We were actually expecting to be U-Turned by Tyler and Laura, so that played out exactly like we imagined.

Where do you think it started to go wrong? The hut Roadblock the first leg? The flat tire?

Aly: In my opinion, it was the hut. They didn't air it, but I was pushing Steve to do it, and he was pushing me to do it. So I said, "OK, fine, I'll do it." The Roadblock was interesting because for some reason, the two bushmen people who were helping me kept telling me to dig holes. I dug like twice as many holes than the other teams and I was like, "What the hell?!"
Steve: They were really good holes though. [Laughs]
Aly: My hut isn't going anywhere! That hut is sturdy!
Steve: It's probably still there. The flat tire didn't help either. That was kind of the nail in the coffin.
Aly: It was just one thing after another after another. And then we wanted to do the feeding of the pack of dogs, but it was taken, so we had to do the other one.

Do you think it was fair that you were forced to do the elephant Detour instead of just waiting for the dog one? Was that an option, to wait?
Steve: Those were the rules, and everyone had to play by them. Unfortunately, we came out of the Roadblock fourth. If we had waited a little bit and done the pack, I think we would've been done a little faster, but we still had that flat tire.

That sucked for you guys because Mike and Rochelle were last out of the Roadblock, but they were allowed to do the dogs because everyone else was done with it.
Aly: Yeah. That one took like five or 10 minutes and ours took 45 minutes to an hour. It was a huge difference. We had no idea, but that's the nature of the game. And then we got a flat tire!

You were only 20 minutes behind after the first leg, so it seemed feasible that you could catch up, even with the Speed Bump.

Steve: I think we definitely had opportunities to catch up. We just didn't take advantage of them. We got lost the second day. ... [The Speed Bump] took maybe like 10 minutes. It just seems so much longer when you know you're already behind and you're trying to catch up. Even five minutes seems like an eternity. ... And then I ran miles in the wrong direction looking for the box, which didn't help. Like Aly said, it was one thing after another.
Aly: He wasn't wearing his glasses that day. [Laughs]

What happened there? You said you took your eye off the briefcase as it landed.

Steve: Yeah. I watched it until it almost hit the ground. They dropped it pretty far out there. There was a pretty strong cross wind and I took my eye off of it before it hit the ground, and that was enough time to blow it in a much different direction than I thought it did. I just kept walking hoping I would get to it, but it was in the complete opposite direction.

You guys should've switched Roadblocks.
Aly: [Laughs] Honestly, I think if Steve had done the hut and if I had done the skybox, we would've been solid. That probably would've been more ideal if we had done the opposite ones, but we didn't!

Aly kept saying you were too calm, Steve. Did you ever lose it that we didn't see?
Steve: No, I don't think so.
Aly: He would say a couple comments, like, "Well, do you wanna drive?" But he says it in a way that you're like, "Oh, what a sweetheart." But I'm like on fire on the inside. [Laughs] When we were tracking the elephants, I got distracted, so that was my fault and he got a little upset with me.
Steve: Most of the time she was right. In terms of staying calm and keeping a level head, that's how I approach everything. If you do see me flip out, there is something very, very wrong. I think I was able to grasp that. As much fun and as big of a competition as it was, it was still a game. The situations that we got ourselves into, I just kind of looked at the big picture.
Aly: He was definitely stronger in that aspect than I was. I was more emotionally invested. I was like, "This is so not OK!" And he'd be like, "It's all good!" It's cool. We balance each other out that way. (awww!!)

Do you think fatigue played a part?
Aly: No, I wouldn't say that. There are so many factors that the viewers don't really know. We were hungry, we were sleep-deprived. ... There's a lot going on and all the teams that were left are strong teams. We did feel a bit more pressure, I guess, and a sense of urgency, but all the teams are dealing with that as well.
Steve: I don't think one of those factors affected us negatively. It's just a hard thing to do. It's a game, but it puts you in really stressful situations.
Aly: Steve and I didn't prepare for getting a flat tire in Africa!

What do you think of the blind date twist?
Aly: I think it was an interesting way to change up the show. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out because this isn't really a show people go on to find love. Some of them had said early on in the season, "How can you really get to know each other when you're under these ridiculous circumstances and you're at each other's throats since Day 1?" I kind of wish it was a regular season, personally. I think we all forgot half the teams were blind dates after a couple of legs.
Steve: Granted it was only a couple of weeks, but those blind date couples were together 24/7 for the entire time, so they saw each other at their worst. So they found out pretty quickly if there was anything there. (LOL!)

What are you up to now? Are you training?

Aly: We are figuring things out. Neither of us are training right now. We're just trying to see what the next step is.
Steve: We haven't ruled out [competing].
Aly: We've been getting a lot of love from fans. ... We'd love to do come back and do [all-stars].
Steve: Yeah, we definitely feel like we have unfinished business.
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Re: TAR 26: Aly Dudek & Steve Langton
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They deserve a second chance, because that flat tire really did screw things up. So many things could have been different if it had not happened!

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Re: TAR 26: Aly Dudek & Steve Langton
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Since I am one of the very, very few fans of Aly and Steve here

I am a fan!! I liked their calm well thought out gameplay combined with a strong relationship and good racing. I think this was just their bad leg, and it was unfortunate that there wasno real way to overcome all the obstacles in one leg. I'd love to see them both again one day!!
"Our fans are pretty good. They don't give away too much. Sometimes people love dropping spoilers, but our fans are good. They tend to do it in such a way that doesn't ruin it for fans who don't want to know."--Phil Keoghan

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Re: TAR 26: Aly Dudek & Steve Langton
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You guys should've switched Roadblocks.
Aly: [Laughs] Honestly, I think if Steve had done the hut and if I had done the skybox, we would've been solid. That probably would've been more ideal if we had done the opposite ones, but we didn't!
This was my first thought after the double episode aired. Their RB choices for the two legs were skeptical.

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Re: TAR 26: Aly Dudek & Steve Langton
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They were my favourite team this season.  It is sad to see them go.  Now I have to find a new favourite.


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