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 :lol: very fitting , dont'cha think ?

i heard mojo call them that

Oh my gosh, I thought it was one of the funniest comments ever. But he was being very...idk. The way he is portraying himself right now on national television is just not right! Oh..and...did Rob say that there was a side by side photo of him somewhere? Where can I view this? LoL.


'Race': Farewell To Lake And Michelle

NEW YORK, April 13, 2006
(CBS) Six teams battled it out in Greece in the "Amazing Race 9" episode that aired Wednesday night.

It turned out that Lake and Michelle, the married parents from Hattiesburg, Miss., spent so much time battling each other, rather than their opponents, that they got lost at a crucial time and became the odd-team-out.

According to the show's official Web site, "After a brief stop in Italyís capital of Rome, Teams traveled to the ruins of another ancient civilization in Athens, Greece where friends Eric & Jeremy continued their domination by winning the Fast Forward to secure another first place finish. Meanwhile, best friends BJ & Tyler drove hours in the wrong direction, but caught a huge break as married parents Lake & Michelle couldnít find the Pit Stop resulting in their elimination.

Ö With married couple Fran & Barry finishing in fourth place, only two Teams remained on the road: married parents Lake & Michelle and best friends BJ & Tyler. With a potential elimination in the balance, Lake began to crack under the pressure of not knowing where to go. After making him pull over, Michelle calmed down an uncharacteristically quiet Lake and then took over the wheel. Meanwhile, best friends BJ & Tyler finally got on track with directions and pulled into the Fortress of Rion in fifth place. However, the stunned pair received the same penalty as Ray & Yolanda and had to wait fifteen minutes with the chance of Lake & Michelle appearing. When the married parents did not arrive, BJ & Tyler breathed a sigh of relief and kissed Phil in appreciation.

Stepping onto the mat in last place, married parents Lake & Michelle received the bad news from Phil that they had been eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE. Lake said, ďOn the Race, weíve gotten along great most of the time. Thereís been those times when itís high pressure, so you want to blame your partner. Itís very, very stressful.Ē Michelle added, ďIím sure that some people see our relationship and think itís completely whackedÖbut it works for us. We have a great family, beautiful children and weíre getting by the best we can and thatís pretty good.Ē

ďYou Canít Believe Everything That You SeeĒ - An Interview with The Amazing Race 9ís Lake and Michelle
by Jenn Brasler -- 04/14/2006

The Amazing Race 9ís bickering, swearing, absent-minded, directionally-challenged couple, Michelle and Lake (right) have a few more words to say to their fans (and to the viewers who donít like them quite that much). Read on to find out how much of what we saw was real and how much was editing.

RealityNewsOnline: Hi, Lake and Michelle! Congrats on making it so far in the race. You looked like you had a great time. First off, the question youíll probably be asked a lot - do you two really act the way you were shown? Do you think the editing was fair?

 Lake & Michelle: No, on the race we were under an extreme amount of stress and placed in unnatural situations, and everything you saw was a result of that.

RNO: Lake, have you heard about the comparisons people have made between you and people like Jonathan from the sixth season? What do you have to say about that?

Lake: I donít like to be compared to be Jonathan because I am not like him at all.

RNO: We didnít see you two interacting a lot with other teams. Did you connect with anyone on the race?

Lake & Michelle: Yes, we connected with Ray & Yolanda and BJ & Tyler. Very nice teams and great competitors.

RNO: Did you pack anything unusual or interesting?

Michelle: I packed power bars in case we didnít get to eat. We packed very light. Lakeís bag was 13 pounds.

RNO: Who did you think would be the team to beat?

Lake & Michelle: Joseph & Monica, only because appearance-wise, they seemed to be the closest in comparison to us and a strong team.

RNO: Did you think Fran & Barry would make it this far?

Lake & Michelle: No, we didnít expect them to be as resilient as they were.

RNO: What were your favorite moments on the race?

Lake: Mine was the starting line. Being there in the moment, that was extremely exciting when Phil starts all the teams off saying to get ready to embark on a trip around the world.

Michelle: I enjoyed the waterfall detour.

RNO: What do you think is more important on the race, luck or skill?

Lake & Michelle: You have to have a certain level of skill, and after that luck definitely comes into play.

RNO: Is there anything you said that you would like to take back? Any regrets from your experience?

Lake: Yeah, all the curse words. I thought they were going to bleep them out, but yeah. My biggest regret is that I didnít listen to Michelle more after the first three or four legs.

Michelle: My regret is that we didnít go further.

RNO: What do you want to say to people?

Lake & Michelle: First we want to clear up that we were wearing microphones at the kayak roadblock in Italy.

Michelle: You canít believe everything that you see. We are very proud to have been able to do this race and we hope that we provided some exciting moments on television for fans. All we wanted to do was run a good race.


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