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Moving to a new server.

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We are moving all of RFF's sites, including the forum, the news site, and the podcast, to one server this weekend. On Friday, the forum will go into maintenance mode, and will stay there, until the server move is complete. I expect the move to take less than 12-15 hours. However, this could not be the case, and we could be down until at least Saturday night.

Please understand, this is a necessary move, and I wouldn't do it, unless I knew it would make this site better. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for being such great members!


k..tanks for telling us & good luck with everything.  Hope it all goes as smooth as clockwork!  :tup:

When on Friday will you START?  In the wee hours coming up real soon... or in the daytime?

Thank you! 

I think it will be around noon time Ruday , from what Rob told me it will be well worth the wait  :jumpy:

Wow were still here !! Hows it going Rob??

Its taking a lot longer than I expected. It maybe closer to 3:30pm EST time before I get the forum transfered. The forum will the the last site I transfer, just to keep it up the longest. Right now I am transfering all the podcasts over to the new server, and next will be the news & forum sites here!

It will be another hour or so!!



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