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Twins Terrell and Derrell charged with forgery; Terrell is currently in jail

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Could a criminal past keep contestants out of the running even if they come clean about their past?

Reality Junkee:
I would be surprised if they kept the boys since they disqualified Corey, Frenchie, etc for lying to them about their past. 

No, a criminal past can't keep a contest out IF, and only IF they come clean, but with these twins, its not past for them, its present, and that will keep them out!!

Just my thoughts, I have no idea!! LOL


Reality Junkee:
Why would they show their clip then?  That's what I don't understand.  I mean they probably knew about it by then.   ???

Well, that is what I asked, but I am guessing that after they got the publicity, someone said "Hey, they just got arrested" and alerted the media!

I don't know!



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