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I started a team for Lances Survivor Pick-em game ~
Tribe~ Tribe #:1070
password ~banana

everyone is welcomed to join , cheaters or not , members or not ..doesn't matter were just glad to have you  :jiggy:
for cheaters check out the spoiler forum weekly for our best guess's as to which team wins Reward ~ immunity ~ boot picks .


Anyone interested in another game?! Just for the heckuvit, I created a team at
I named it ReFaForu (puddin, does that sound familiar? ha ha!) 
PW: monkey.

public no password
league name~ RealityFanForum

CBS Fantasy

realityfanforum2  (all lowercase)
pw: monkey

Only 7 available slots left.   
Hurry up  and join!

Cya, Ruday     

If you know of any other S12 games please let us know , post the site link  .
I'm expecting Mediiia Whore to be up a few days before the first Ep ( Feb 2nd ) and the CBS Fantasy Game will most likely be up a day or so before also . ( CBS Fantasy ..cripes  :groan: I loathe this game   :lol: )

Rudy's in!   :jumpy:
(omg...survivor fantasy again.  does anyone who's played it think the web monkeys will have it together this season?  dare we find out? i guess we can at least try it, huh?  give 'em the benefit of the doubt?  :groan: ??? )

Long time lurker at several boards.  This seems to be the friendliest of all that I have visited.  I usually play the CBS fantesy game, which is a joke.  I don't usually do that good, but would be excited to be on your team if I may.  I have used info from this board when making my picks in the past, but still not very good.  Just wanted to say hay to everyone as well.   :hearts:

Welcome BeachGal I agree thats the same reason I joined this board.  You into spoilers????


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