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Well Cowboy up Hollywood, Simone finally found a person he likes....the cowboy singing Elton John.

HIs daddy told him to Git-R-done and that is what the boy did.  I thought he was going to pass out when Simone said YES!.  He has a heart after all and knows natural talent when he hears it.

Watch out everyone will be wearing FLAWLESS pjs soon.

Now you know that you are bored when you come up with a coaster that will spill your drink and think you can sell it.

I liked the Elton John cowboy guy  :jumpy:

me tooooooooooo!! :woohoo:

Gammy  :hearts:  :waves:

yeah that is who I will be rootin' for.  I still can't get over that Simone showed that he actually "liked" a contestant.  Why do you think he picked him?  Simone was the first one to say yes to him.


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