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Derrek's 2nd chance.....my first full season of watching IDOL

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Reality Junkee:
Can anybody help me figure out something?  When that "suntan girl" tried out, she was wearing pink.  I was looking at what the judges were wearing (I Tivoed it and re-watched it) and Simon, Paula and Randy had the same clothes on for both times.  Well at the end when they showed people butchering Sister Marmalade, she was shown again, but wearing a different outfit.  Yet the judges were wearing the same thing.

Tell me...can somebody go back in line and try out on the same day???  ???

Hmmm...sorry I can't help ya out since I'm such a newbie viewer.  Maybe the site would offer some help?

It just makes for good TV. Lets face it, Simon knows how to make pretty good TV, so he is just going for the "This will make good TV" factor. That is all.

I don't think they can get back in line, but I bet they changed clothes quite a few times! LOL



--- Quote from: Reality Junkee on January 18, 2006, 01:19:41 PM ---Tell me...can somebody go back in line and try out on the same day???  ???

--- End quote ---
Yes, they've allowed several to try out again on the same day.  Last nite, they let a gal who was real nervous go gather her nerves and come back in.  She still flunked tho.

Yeah, but it has been special curcumstances each time, so not just everyone can try out again! That girl really sucked last nite too, btw!



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