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Derrek's 2nd chance.....my first full season of watching IDOL

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Yeh she sucked...bigtime.  I didn't think she'd do any better on her 2nd chance.  Just didn't have the right stuff, nervous or not!

Yep, you're right Rob...special circumstances are definitely the main factor for a 2nd chance...


Reality Junkee:

--- Quote from: Rob on January 17, 2006, 08:54:06 PM ---This show has proven to me that 90% of people in the USA, are insane! Its no wonder other nations hate us!


--- End quote ---

This show displays 3 type of people (not including those who can actually sing):

1.  There are dilusional people who do think they can sing

2.  People are doing this just to get on tv

3.  People are doing this, knowing they can't sing, in hopes of getting a record contract just like William Hung.

Oh, and what about the people who allow the auditioners to get to the next level...the judges?  I wonder how much they are getting paid to let these people go through for entertainment purposes.  Either that or they themselves are delusional!  :lol: :lol:

While I love watching this part of the show and seeing those who suck big time, I'm tired of seeing all of them and maybe a handful of real talent.  I'd like to see it either balanced or the other way around


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