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Derrek's 2nd chance.....my first full season of watching IDOL

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Can you believe that Derrek is getting a second chance?  I am sure a lot of people wished they would have gotten that.

I think the hardest thing would be to sing accapella

Man....the judges get really annoyed easily. 

As of right now my favorites are the sisters and the twins.  I think if the sisters work hard they can make it big.  They have unique vocal talents.  I am impressed that two sisters can sing so well.  The twins can do it if they keep up the flattery!

Zachery....wow.....he could be another Josh Brogan (spelling?).  For 17 he is a talented male.  He could out do the twins. 

This show has proven to me that 90% of people in the USA, are insane! Its no wonder other nations hate us!


 :rotf:rob!!   the twin guys could sing!! :jam:     i am amazed at the ones that really think they can sing!! :giggle: :rotf:  it is like the funniest videos, but i liked it because i love to laugh!! :lol:

My first ever time to watch AI and loved it!!  :lol: Most of the really bad ones, you either feel sorry for 'em or ROTLOL!  :rotf:  When simon said that one guy looks like a wasp... :giggle:  :giggle:  i cracked up!
Wow, there are some real doozies.  Sheez...the guy with the blond wig pony tails dressed like a girl with hairy legs...he must be horribly neglected & needs the world's attention.  Oy! 

I liked the twin sisters and both sets of twin bros.  And the two crooners were great...sorry I can't remember any of their names!!  The 3 judges are hilarious together...a great team of judges.  This show is lots better than Arsenio's Star Search!!
I'm hooked already!  ha ha.  But when TAR starts again, will they conflict in the schedule?  Hmmm...I can tape one cept I like Commander in Chief too.  I need TWO VCRs.  :bliss:



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