Author Topic: Gauntlet episode 1/23/06 disussion  (Read 1445 times)

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Gauntlet episode 1/23/06 disussion
« on: January 24, 2006, 09:12:44 AM »
okay i forgot to start thsi yesterday, but we can discuss today.  Anyone can start so if I forget in the future please start a thread.

It was an interesting show.  I think Cara And Susie will be causing some pot stirring now that they know people do not trust them.  Why not they know they will go to the gauntlent anyways.

Well the show started with Jillian telling Kina that Susie and cara wanted to have an alliance with two of the veteran guys.  Kina then got everyone else involved but Susie and Cara.  Alton looked truely hurt ~ these people could never do Survivor  ;D

Not much shown on the vet team, a couple of interviews saying that Beth stepped up and deserves to be there.  Ace wanted to drive and then they lost because he did not put the clutch in!! HELLO when nothing was working at least try it.  So Ace was a good competitor and said I screwed up I want to go to the guantlent.  Surprisingly they show Aneesa Cheering on Derrick.  WOW I thought they were all mad at Derrick.  I do think the David has an alliance with Derrick because of his comment that with Derrick here it puts money in my pocket.  Not sure if he meant because he is a good competitor or because he will not be sent to the gauntlet

The rookies had a discussion becasue Cara was hurt they would not let her help push the truck.  And then was shocked that they asked her if she had an alliance.  too funny, wonderign if this will get back to the vet team? 

Next week it looks like they still are discussing the alliance.  And it looks like a balancing act on a tight rope.  we see Derrick and Syrus fall.

What did you think of the show?

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Re: Gauntlet episode 1/23/06 disussion
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2006, 02:13:00 PM »
Good recap! 

I thought the show was good... sad that Ace is gone, but he honesty deserved to be.  Didn't think he was that dumb... 'been driving since I was born'... puh leeze!  Even I know you have to push the clutch in!   :giggle:   I also LOVED Julie's reaction... don't think I've ever heard her go off like that! 

As far as the alliance thing.. I don't know what to think about it.  I do think Kira is a pot stirrer, but.... who knows.  I can't decide if there is really an alliance or not.  I don't know why Jillian would lie about it.. maybe something taken out of context?  Should be interesting to see what happens with this.  Although, I'm sure they are GONE!  And if the vets get ahold of it... whew... they'd better take advantage of it!  lol

Anessa, Aneesa... I never can figure her out!  And what is UP with the hair?  lmao

Alton is just such a team player... he can't imagine playing anything crooked and can't fathom that anyone else would.  Gotta love the guy.

I took David's comment as Derrick is tough and will help them win.. but now you got me wonderin'!  lol