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Sally Schumann's Early Show Interview
(Transcript by James Barber for  4.14.06)

HARRY: Well, last night on Survivor: Exile Island, Terry and Sally scrambled to win over some former Casayas, but in the end, they were not able to prevent the inevitable from happening at Tribal Council.

(clips package)

H: And Sally Schumann is with us this morning. Good player, congratulations, but...ugh. Was there any real, real conversation with Terry about, "I'll give you the immunity idol, let's see if there's some way we can work this out?" and try and at least - well, you wouldn't have the votes to try and flip on the other tribe, right?

SALLY: Yeah, we talked about it for the last few days, even back when Nick and Austin were there, when it would be most advantageous. I think Terry wanted to keep us all together, he needed us for numbers as well...

HARRY: Yeah, cause he's alone now, that's for sure.

SALLY: Yeah, and he's kind of been on the chopping block, so if there was a time to play it, it would have been great last night.

HARRY: Did you feel like you were getting any traction with those other folks, because it would've been advantageous for one or two of them to try and at least break away and go to a final four with you and Terry.

SALLY: The thing was last night, at the point Terry and I were together, if two people would've flipped, it would have been the best time for them to flip, because then it would've been an even four. If Austin had been around, it would've been 3 and 2. I think Bruce was close, but he needed somebody else to come with, so...

HARRY: (laughs) So interesting. We have a secret scene that has not been thus far seen by anyone else in the entire universe, and we're gonna play that right now.

[ (Courtney and Terry search for food at the shoreline while Sally watches)

TERRY: Guaranteed final three. Last call for immunity is right now.

COURTNEY: Final three of who?

TERRY: Guaranteed final three. You, Sally and me. I need the answer.

COURTNEY: I can't be pressured like this.

TERRY: You're gonna be crazy if you turn it down.

COURTNEY: Come on, gimme a break! Don't be like that to me.

(Terry walks away to talk to Sally)

TERRY: Bruce is definitely in. She hasn't committed yet, but I'm gonna have to pull the thing [Hidden Immunity Idol] out. She says she'll be on our team.

SALLY: Is that worth it to you?

TERRY: Well, it gives us numbers.

SALLY: If it isn't, I understand. You know what I'm saying?

TERRY: I don't want you to go home.

SALLY: If it comes to that, and she she says, right before we leave, "I can't do this", don't pull it out for me. ]

HARRY: That was a nice thing to say. And Courtney was a very good candidate because she's not very well-liked within that tribe. But, anyway. You have always wanted to be on this show, right?

SALLY: I have.

HARRY: How many times did you go to them and say please, pick me?

SALLY: That was my fifth. Fifth time was the charm.

HARRY: What was the experience like for you? You weigh 30 pounds more than when you were on Survivor.

SALLY: Yeah, I think so, about 30. The experience for me, being a big fan and wondering like it would be to go out there and build alliances - I never felt like I had an alliance, ever. I felt like I connected with a lot of people and when the merge happened I stuck sort of with the La Mina guys, but if at any point...

HARRY: Well, you were an outsider with that boys' club.

SALLY: Right, if I would have had the opportunity to flip over with anybody, I would have. I feel pretty proud about the fact that not having an alliance, to make it as far as I did. When you look back at the people who already left, and so many of them had alliances. It felt like it was a very individual game for me.

HARRY: Well, I tell you, you did so well in so many of those challenges, immunity challenges. You, and Terry, and maybe one of the other guys. A lot of them. Physically, you definitely kept up with everybody.

SALLY: That was a big draw for me in the show, the competition part of it. That was one of the highlights being out there. No matter how tired or bored you were, as soon as soon as we knew there was a competition, I'd get up for it.

HARRY: You were not prepared for just how little food and water was out there, were you?

SALLY: I don't think you can be prepared. I mean, I've always been blessed to go to bed with a full stomach, so to be that hungry for me...

HARRY: Oh, excuse me, who was the one who lost the fishing spear early in the show?

SALLY: Right. Lucky for me, I was given some mercy and it didn't end my game, but again...

HARRY: I will never forget seeing that. What was that, week 1, week 2, that thing went down? (laughs)

SALLY: We had just won it. It was our big prize.

HARRY: That could have made a difference nutrition-wise. In the end though, you used to coach soccer, right?

SALLY: I did.

HARRY: What was it you used to tell your kids?

SALLY: Just to dig deep, to fight hard, never to quit, to go out with class and character. So I'm hoping my soccer players, if they're watching, they were proud of me, felt like I did well.

HARRY: Well, you did well. (shakes her hand) Good to meet you. Sally Schumann, thanks

“They Were Scared”: An Interview with Survivor: Exile Island’s Sally
by David Bloomberg -- 04/14/2006

Sally was the latest La Mina to be voted off in the continuing Pagonging of that tribe. Why didn’t Terry give her the immunity idol? Why didn’t any Casayans jump to their side? And what surprised her most about her video from home? Sally answers these are other questions right here!

The ninth episode of Survivor: Exile Island had barely ended when people started noticing that Sally’s parents appeared in her video from home, even though she had said they weren’t speaking. Was that a strategy on her part or was she surprised to see it? And what about the immunity idol – why didn’t she get it? You may be surprised at the answer. You’ll have to read on to find out.

RealityNewsOnline: Hello, Sally, and thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for RealityNewsOnline’s readers. How did you prepare for Survivor and what was your plan coming into the game?

Sally: My plan coming in was just to be myself and I wanted to try to align myself with people of the opposite sex and people of different age groups, which obviously was difficult since we started out separated (in the young girls group).

 RNO: When you lost the spear early in the game, did you think you were going to be voted out as punishment, or did you feel pretty secure?

Sally: I never felt secure but I had hoped that my work as a tribemate wasn’t based on losing the spear.

RNO: Were you surprised when Austin and Nick chose to align with Terry and Dan rather than you and Misty?

Sally: I was surprised because they told us they were going to align with us, but I wasn’t because I saw the relationship forming between those guys and Austin and Nick viewed Terry and Dan with a lot of respect; so I could see why they did it.

RNO: How much lobbying did you have to do in order to convince the guys to vote against Ruth-Marie instead of you?

Sally: I didn’t feel like I lobbied at all. I didn’t talk to any of the guys about it. All I really did was work really hard around camp and I performed in the challenges.

RNO: Both Nick and Austin indicated to me in their interviews that they thought your alliance should have been able to make better use of the hidden immunity idol. What are your thoughts on that?

Sally: I would agree with that. It could have been put to better use but I was never in an alliance with them. I never had the expectation that Terry would use that to save me and at that point, it became an individual game.

RNO: You said in your final words that you were okay with Terry keeping the idol for himself – did Terry explain to you his reasoning for keeping it?

Sally: He wanted to keep me around for numbers and just because… I told him that unless we had the numbers then not to give it to me. If he gave it to me without the numbers, he wasn’t guaranteed anything down the road and therefore it made more sense for him to keep it.

RNO: In the game, you mentioned some problems with your family, but then they showed up in your video from home. Was what you said just strategy or did everybody make up?

Sally: Nobody had made up. I was really shocked and pleasantly surprised that my family sent a video. I obviously have a relationship with my sister and I was shocked to see my parents in the video as I hadn’t talked to my mother in months and seeing them appear in that video gave me hope that there was a chance to make amends. Also, they hate appearing in any video so I was shocked to see them participate.

RNO: Did you know before arriving at Tribal Council that all your overtures had been rejected, or did you still have some hope?

Sally: I kind of knew that they were rejected but I had some hope that Terry was going to put his individual immunity necklace around my neck. So instead of giving me the hidden idol, we had talked about him giving me the immunity necklace therefore shaking things up right at the Tribal Council. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

RNO: Why do you think none of the former Casaya members would take a chance and switch sides?

Sally: I think that there were probably a couple that wanted to and thought about it. I think they were afraid of what the ex-tribemates would do/say, or the jury. For some of them, I think it would have been more beneficial to jump but they were just scared. Ultimately, they were scared at what would happen and so they decided to play it safe with the numbers game.

RNO: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your time on Survivor?

Sally: I had an amazing experience and that I was happy that everybody I met and got to meet out there made it worthwhile. I ended up enjoying it being a very individual game for me.

RNO: Thanks again, Sally!

Too bad Sally got voted off.  I was really hoping Bruce and Courtney would flip but I guess their food deprived brain told them not to.  :bny8:

"Survivor Sal" Needs a New Nickname
by Allison Corneau
Sally Schumann, Survivor: Panama — Exile Island
Sally Schumann tried out for four prior editions of Survivor before earning a spot on CBS' Survivor: Panama — Exile Island (Thursdays at 8pm/ET). Sure enough, her study of the series worked to her advantage. Having outlasted all of the La Mina women and leaving Terry to fend for himself against the six remaining Casayas, Schumann now serves as the second member of the jury that will crown the ultimate champ. sat down with "Survivor Sal" the day after her elimination to get her take on her 24-day stay. What's the reaction been like from your family since your elimination aired?
Sally Schumann: Everyone has called or texted to say I did an awesome job and they're all proud of me. I went out of it OK with how I played it. It was really great to watch the show, because I came home with my interpretation of what happened, and when I saw it, it was a confirmation that I did everything I could. What was it like being the last La Mina woman?
Sally: It was great! I was very proud of that. I could have been the first to go, and I ended up outlasting all of the La Mina women and all of the men, except for Terry. One of the things I was happy about was that I never really had an alliance. Looking at all of the people who went out ahead of me, some of those people had an alliance and it was broken. As the La Mina ladies left, did you find it difficult to keep your spirits up?
Sally: Yes and no. I felt proud I surpassed those women. Misty and Ruth Marie were amazing, strong, charismatic women, and [when they left] I missed that, but I was still there, which was always my focus. I got annoyed and frustrated, sick of listening to all the sports talk and military talk [from the guys], but I still was OK. The immunity idol has been so central to the last few episodes. What was it like when Terry first revealed it was in his possession?
Sally: Gosh, I think they edited me out, because I was like, "You little s--t!" [Laughs] I kind of had an idea he had it, but I never fully believed he did. I had just gotten back from Exile Island, having dug holes for hours, and thought, "You couldn't have told me this yesterday?" He didn't have an alliance and was planning on voting me out before Dan, so he had no reason to tell me. And I dug a lot of holes! In Episode 4, when Misty was voted out, you expressed your feelings of isolation. Did you feel the need to prove your worth to the men on your tribe at that time?
Sally: I felt like if they wanted to accept me, they could. I wanted to prove myself by contributing to competitions, which I feel I did, and that's why they kept me over Ruth Marie. After that point, it was just a matter of winning the challenges, and I was going to do everything I could to do that, because I was the woman of the tribe, but also because that was going to save me. Once I went to exile and the merge, it was a whole new ball game. I really enjoyed the new personalities — they were crazy and fun! Was the Casaya camp similar to what we saw on TV?
Sally: I felt more interest from some of those Casaya members to get to know me than the people with whom I spent the last 15 days. Shane and Cirie were very real, not forced. Danielle and Courtney were just like, "Oh, we missed you!" I was like, "Uh-huh." Aras didn't ever really talk to me. He was very isolated, but once we competed together, we started talking. I think Aras is awesome. But Shane and Cirie were the two people who embraced me. And Bruce was more excited to see me than my own tribe was! When the tribes were first selected, you were the first person Terry picked. Did you have any idea you'd make it as far as you did?
Sally: It was always a series of little goals — "I don't want to get voted off first." "I want to be the last girl standing in La Mina." "I want to make it to the merge." The tribal council when Nick went home was the first tribal council I attended in which I wasn't just as positive that I was going home as I was about staying. Even when we'd win the challenges, [my tribe] would be like, "You know it would have been you tonight." Mentally, I had a very different game experience than some of the other people out there, which I enjoyed. It motivated the hell out of me. Thinking back to last week's immunity challenge, how did you manage to hold your breath underwater long enough to memorize that puzzle?
Sally: When I saw that challenge, I thought I was totally screwed, because they're all better swimmers than I am. I can swim, but I'm not as fast or as strong. But memorizing is one of my fortes. I told myself not to panic, even though they would come back [to the beach] first. I did stay out there for a while — I should have stayed there for another 10 or 15 seconds — but it wouldn't have mattered. I still could have won, because the other people didn't get it right away. After last week's reward challenge, you earned the chance to see a video your family prepared for you. That must have been quite special.
Sally: I never thought in a million years my mom and dad would be on it — they don't like having their pictures taken — so that was unexpected and really nice. They didn't show my comments, but I was really excited to see them. I hadn't talked to them in a really long time. You're the second member of the jury that will select this season's winner. Are there any particular conversations or interactions, positive or negative, that you'll keep in mind when casting your vote?
Sally: All of them — every single thing that I saw and experienced. Jeff Probst does such a great job at tribal of bringing stuff out, so I'm not going in blind. I really want to see Casaya unravel, and it has to happen at some point, but I'm going to get to hear about it at tribal council. Right now, I'm rooting for Terry, just because I have to send some props to my La Mina member. He's finally becoming the underdog. Having tried out for a total of five seasons, how fun is it to actually make the show?
Sally: It's so unbelievable. One of the first episodes I missed was one of the Guatemala ones, when I was flying to Panama. I would get goose bumps watching the show before I was on it and just hearing the theme song. They all started calling me "Survivor Sal," because I told them about that. They would ask, "Survivor Sal, is this the episode where we merge?" and I'd say, "Well, in Seasons 2 and 4...." That's where I got that nickname. [My experience] was everything I thought it could have been. How much would it suck if you tried out for five years, got on the show and were disappointed? I was blown away. Being such a Survivor aficionado, what advice can you offer future contestants?
Sally: The whole coming-up-with-your-strategy thing is great, but [you need to] come up with multiple strategies. Be yourself. That's what I did, and it was a great experience. I had a strategy, but I just went and enjoyed myself.


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