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Wow , thanks for sharing Talico ! I actually did not know that Shane was a real ummmmmmmm actor  :lol:

I can nto believe he went back to smoking... he went all that time and nwo is smoking again!!!

Without a doubt one of the most entertaining and therefore one of my fav players of all time. :lol:  Wish He'd come in third instead of Terry. Heres to Shane. :jam:

I agree Shane was one of the most entertaining. But it does sort of spoil it for me to know he is an actor. So was most of his quirkiness just an act?

It reminds me of that Richard guy from the first season of Beauty and the Geek. I loved him, but have heard that he was a hired actor.

The death of reality shows will be if/when they stop casting regular people!!!  :umn:

he's an actor?????????? woah what did i miss?


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