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Reality Junkee:
Thanks again PJ :tup:    I just added to my Tivo this weeks episode of the RCAF show.  Can't wait to see it!

Yes, we are lucky that we get a signal.  Their coverage of the Olympics is so much better and fewer commercials.  The only thing is they obviously cover the Canadian athletes.  So if I want to see some coverage for an American athlete or team, I have to turn it to NBC.   But definitely watching the live coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies is a BIG plus in my book. ;D

Reality Junkee:

--- Quote from: PsychoJason on January 11, 2006, 09:28:11 PM ---That was Royal Canadian Air Farce from CBC in Canada. The sketch was based more upon Canadian Idol (host Ben Mulroney) than American Idol, but funny still...

More clips at http://www.airfarce.com if you're interested.

--- End quote ---

Hey PJ (or would you rather I call you Jason?), I watched the show tonight and it was very funny.    In the first few minutes I was already laughing.  :rotf: Thanks for letting me know about it! :tup:

Here are some more reality related sketches:

Reality Junkee:
Hey Jason, thanks for those.  They were funny, but I think I like the Russian Idol.   :rotf:


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