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Russian Idol...SAY WHAT?

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This is what...http://www.airfarce.com/seasons/season13/051230i.wvx Enjoy!

Reality Junkee:

That was HILARIOUS!!!!  What show was that on?  I'd love to know.  Thanks for posting it ;D

That was Royal Canadian Air Farce from CBC in Canada. The sketch was based more upon Canadian Idol (host Ben Mulroney) than American Idol, but funny still...

More clips at http://www.airfarce.com if you're interested.

Reality Junkee:
Thanks PJ.  So, do you live in Canada or just close enough to get CBC?  I'm in Michigan so we have CBET on our cable lineup, but I don't normally watch it.  I'll have to see if we do get the show you mentioned.  If so, I'll have to check it out.

Again, thanks! :tup:

Fridays at 8pm on CBC.

Oh, and the Torino 2006 Opening Ceremonies are LIVE at 1pm/et February 10th coast-to-coast on CBC. Watch it live, not taped on NBC! You're lucky to get a CBC signal, Junkee!


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