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Looks like Dan knows something . . ..


thanks to Dan and Weezie @ Survivor Maps

edited by puddin

Sorry CJ I have to edit your post , Dan gets mad when someone besides hiself posts Dans maps me  ;) . A link to the site where the map is posted is good enough .

CJ22, thanks for the link to the map.  This is interesting with the 4 different camps.  They sure have to row far to get to the challenge and the tribal.  Should be an interesting one. :]

Hmmmm so im willing to say that if there is indeed an overnight hike the older women will be the winners.

I'm thinking the younger women will win the hike (if there is one). They've got the closest island from the island holding all of the challenges. And then the order that they finish in determines their campsite. That's just my prediction. I don't know if this is right or not.


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