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astronauts???? Terry maybe?????

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I  have 4 potential Terry/Jerry's that were in the Air Force and Astornauts and all even tell you which one I think we will see dominant the show.  We have Terry Hart born in '46, Terence Hendricks  born in 1952, and Jerry Linengzer born 1955.  The we have the best choice and my pick Terry Virts born 1967 which makes him 38.  At 38 and with his background and training I could see him dominating "Exile Island"

is this your winner????

Heres his bio

Looking into Barry's now.

Did you post this @ sucks CJ  ? Chillone or Bianca might know  :thumbC:

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The only Barry I can find is Daniel T. Barry and I dont think he's matching up with what we are looking for.

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