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Well, we know the Weavers are "geography challenged" (Great lakes anyone?  The state of Washington DC?  After landing in Phoenix, "What state are we in?") so it was great that the final challenges involved geography.  I wish we'd seen the Weavers attempt the map at the end, but I suspect they didn't even have to try, the Linz and Bransens must have been over the finish line by the time they got to the map.

Reality Junkee:

--- Quote from: puddin on December 14, 2005, 12:34:30 AM ---It really was a silly task but as long as the Bransens won WHHOHOOOOO! I bet BP is poopin their pants ..with all that gas they'll be buying for the GMC & the Buick Lucerne  :smileC:

--- End quote ---

Speaking of gas, which family was it that won gas for all their cars (those that already drive) for life?  That is an awesome reward.  My hubby and I were like "WHAT??!!" :lolCX:

The Branson family won the gas! GOOD FOR THEM!


Chateau d If:
Actually, Linda was trying to figure out where to put Alaska when the other teams finished.    :winkC:

as i was watching the video, i knew the bransens were going to win as the weavers put their icons in a lot of the wrong places.

yeehaw! for the bransens. dad really hustled his backside to make that happen.   :santaC:


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