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Chateau d If:
Pedaler, yes!  I just looked over the area very carefully and the location that was my initial guess based on the Stassi picture was correct!

Chateau   ,,>(

Chateau d If:
Thanks Puddin.

I think Niagara was right about the decoy teams on the Jet Boats.  For each ride there is a 'family' of four just sitting in the back.  But they are not anybody we would recognize.

One more thing: The Weasels were so far behind that they actually rode in the same boat (Leaping Lamb #5) as the Linzes. It was able to go back to its home dock.

Outstanding, Chateau   :thumbC: :thumbC: :thumbC:

You've come a long way since zooming in on wristwatches  :winkC:

Pedaler !! LOL   ((^


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