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Linz, 3:08 am, get CLUE, and depart.

Weaver, 4:02 am.
CLUE: Fly to Montreal, Canada.
Rolly: Canada!
Mom conf: I don't know how we're here! We just did it.
Rolly: Feels good to be underestimated.
Mom: Rolly has become the man of the family.

Billings Airport ...

Bransens get an earlier flight. Their arrival, thru MSP, will be 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled flight.

Linzes get on phones to seek earlier flights, are told there are no earlier flights. Their flight leaves 6:30 am.

Weavers arrive at the airport, dawn. Weavers take their scheduled flight.

Phil: All teams are now on their way to Montreal, with their first connection in Minneapolis.

Bransens verify in MSP that their flight will arrive 4:58 pm. The scheduled flight for the others, 5:10 arrival.

The Linzes see the Bransens and realize there is a different deal. But the Bransens take off, alone in their plane.

What happened to the Weasels low gas tank? hmmmmm  ]][

Linzes make alternate arrangements with Air Canada. They may arrive earlier.
Air Canada tells the Weavers there is nothing earlier.

In Toronto airport ...

Alex, Rolly, trip reaching for something ...
Mom: Don't touch him!
Mom, to daighter: It looked like (Alex) was going to grab his arm!
Alex: He's lucky I didn't break his arm. It felt like he grabbed my book bag. They suck.
Megan: They're rude, and obnoxious. It's getting personal. It wasn't before, but it is, now.


Chateau d If:
Is this that 1:14 pm Toronto arrival?

In Toronto Airport, the replay of the "alleged trip" and subsequent confessionals, as if we didn't have enough of that already.

Then, on to the show.

The Weavers ask politely, and get a 3:00 flight to Montreal.

Linzes don't know where the Weavers went.
Tommy: Little buggers!
Mom Weaver: We're on the 3:00, instead of the 4:00. Hopefully no more seats!
Linzes get more tix.
Both on same flight.

Phil: All teams are on their final flight to Montreal. The Linz and Weaver got the 4:00 arrival, the Bransens, the 4:58 (5:00) arrival.

They have to search the passageway to the Basement of the CVP Capital Building for their next clue


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