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Phil: Ten families of 4 left NYC and raced for $1 million. The Paolos got lost at home territory. At the 1st Detour, the Weavers had a close call. Tony Aiello and his sons-in-law struggled. The Gaghans pulled ahead, and the Linz siblings fell behind. In the end, the Godlewski sisters triumphed. The Black family was the first eliminated.

Leg 2, Washington DC where the Gaghans wandered aimlessly for hours. The Paolos argued, and the Rogers drove in the wrong direction. Son Brock got blamed. Families did a Civil War reenactment. Wally Bransen couldn't keep up with his daughters, while the Weavers fought to the front. Megan Linz slowed down her brothers, but the Rogers lost the battle and were eliminated.

On the next leg, teams questioned the Weavers' "crazy" behavior. In a SCarolina detour, the Paolos got stuck, and the Gaghans surged ahead. The Aiellos landed last. In Alabama, teams pedaled around a speedway. The Weavers, whose father was killed at a racetrack, balked, but Mom got them to the finish. Stassi broke down after arguing for directions as the Schroeders got lost in their home state of Louisiana. The Linz got an eyeful (MOON!) from the Bransens. The Schroeders were eliminated.

In Panama, the Weavers incited the Linzes. On the FF, Marian Paolo's bravery helped DJ face fear of heights. Then, in Costa Rica, Paolos YIELDED the Weavers. "No one likes us!" While at the Roadblock, Tammy Gaghan searched in vain and fell to the back of the pack. A footrace for first, and Megan Linz failed to keep up. The Paolos were #1, and the Gaghans never caught up. An emotional farewell.

Families flew to Phoenix, AZ. Tommy Linz drove circles around the competition; the Weavers were nervous. Linda stepped up so her children didn't have to. Wally lost confidence, and then struggled to keep daughters on track. The Bransens survived, non-elimination. The 5 remaining teams took a flight. Megan Linz completed a loop in the air. Rolly Weaver excelled at yet another Roadblock, while Brian Paolo struggled. Then the NY'ers lost direction and fought to the finish, last, eliminated.

Teams raced to Monument Valley, UT, where the Linzes targeted the Weavers. "The witch and her 3 little monkeys! Somebody's gonna drop a house on her head!" YIELDED, but not eliminated. The next day, Weavers confronted the Linzes. Teams took ride in hot air balloons, and Wally finally showed his strength. The Godlewskis struggled to build a tepee. The Weavers were held up by the police but outlasted the Sisters.

Tonight, on a 2-hour Finale, one of these three teams will win $1 million as the winners of The Amazing Race.

Credits roll.

No more eliminations before the finish line !!

Phil: Eastern Montana, where cattle and sheep outnumber people. The Big Sky Country. This cattle ranch, the 11th pitstop in The Amazing Race. There are no more eliminations before the finish.

Will the Weavers continue to isolate themselves from the other teams?

Will the Linzes and Bransens continue friendships with $1MM on the line?

Bransen, 3:04 am, CLUE: Fly to Montreal, Canada.
Phil: They have tickets, but may seek a faster flight. They have to enter the Underground City, search tunnels, to the basement of the CVP Capital Building.


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