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From Chateaus most excellent timeline  {|
Fri July 29 Dec. 13 finale Leg 11 Teams leave the ranch between 2 am and 3 am, flights from Billings to Montreal, Linzes and Weasels have incident getting a connection in Toronto, Olympic Stadium, nearby trapeze Roadblock , McGill University, teams are stopped by Hours of Operation.
Sat July 30 In the morning, Detour of logs or curling, the Bransens do Logs while the Linzes and Weasels curl, Expo67 Buckminster Fullerene Ball, NEL Pit Stop via Victoria Place Metro station.  Teams check in between 3 and 5 pm.
Sun July 31 Leg 12 Teams start from 3 to 5 am, get flights from Montreal to Toronto, Union Station, Hot Dog clue from Kevin & Drew, The Docks, Tall Ship Kajama, drive to Niagara-on-the Lake, take Jet Boats south to about Whirlpool Point for rough rafting, go back north in Jet Boat to Lewiston, NY, drive fresh SUVs to Terrapin Point, Joseph Davis State Park, finito

from the press , we should figure out who would know more about past races , first hinkies tell me the Bransens just because of their age , they might have more knowledge ? what do you all think ? I'll see what we can get off the Bios  .

The mini-race that will require teams to recall specific challenges and locations from this past season. The team who's first to complete the challenge correctly will drive away in their 2006 GMC Yukon XL.

wow, way to go angels! (loved it when rafe called the final ladies his angels)

my picks much the same except the order, linz, weaver, bransen. but would love an excuse to make it linz, bransen, weaver. of course i have the bransens winning the run off.

the shot of the linz on the link bus tells me that they are changing terminals in toronto from international (usa) to domestic and that fits with the connections to montreal. so toronto there and back too.


--- Quote from: puddin on December 13, 2005, 10:38:48 AM ---Dont listen to me rmax but it looks like they fly into Toronto toget to  Montreal & then back to Toronto ? Its the only thing that makes sense  :huhC: . If someone thinks different please please let us know .

fresh article

--- Quote ---Tonight (9 p.m., CTV and CBS) the teams arrive in Toronto, where one of the Linz brothers (I can't tell them apart, nor the Bransen sisters, for that matter) collides with Rolly Weaver in a race for the Terminal One ticket counter
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It's tricky, not knowing if MW will score for all teams or some teams (say, if the Bransens get a direct flight to Montreal and skip the stop in Toronto), or even if he'll count a plane change as being "in" Toronto.  I'm going to try not to overthink, and just go with what I have.

Just checked the poll over at Realiiity, seems most people think the Weasels come in second. I thought I read a spoiler here that said they told someone they came in third?  Was that discounted?  I'm probably going to stick with the Bransens in 2d, mostly because I want them to beat the Weavers, but also they have surprised us a few times.


--- Quote from: puddin on December 08, 2005, 09:36:45 PM ---thank for the info NF ,i'll see what I can get as far as vidcaps at the Gorge .
same to you Chateau dont think I thanked you for the map  :smileC: ?.

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Reply   *Weaver final leg spoiler*
 My aunt is visiting and she just happens to be a friend of Rebecca (oh god). She knows that I'm a fan of TAR so I decided what the hell and asked her if they won. Maybe Rebecca might have told her something

Answer: No, they came in 3rd.

I then asked her who won but she told me that she never asked.

In short, Weavers come in 3rd in the final leg and do not win.
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