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yippee for both teams. i made the same change rmax, from linz to bransens for the door but it didn't make a difference either way.

i think both teams have an excellent chance to finish well. maybe we'll tie??  :keetaC:

If we tie maybe X-Kicks will make us do a bonus game  :lolCX: ? I vote cinni to  puzzle task for the Angels :keetaC:

I'd need to "bone" up (heh, he said bone) on my geography. Those Central American countries are confusing. I do know Mexico and Panama though.  Time to check a map...

Oh, now we know where the Bucky reference came from, for the Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome.  But I didn't hear anyone say Bucky (or Hurry hard).

Oh that Bucky  :lolCX: ? well I mixed up my weecama & puddin picks ( cheater  cheater ) one of us will do better than the other .

Oh there was a line rmax and I can't remember , Megan said something "Bone" as he was climbing the Kajama was pervy  :)* , also I thought the Bransens were pretty funny talking about if flabby dad were to swing on the trapeze and something about a burning ass as they were looking for the clues in the Stade .

yes, the Bransen girl's "smokin' ass" comment was funny.  Since I picked the Linzes, I suspect the correct answer will be Bransens...

I think during the curling someone called Tommy "Boner"!


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