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When Danni wins............

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I can't believe she only nabbed one vote.  That's pretty interesting.  I knew Danni would win but I thought the vote would be a little closer.

No, Steph sucks! LOL, Like I said somewhere else on the board, Rafe was star stuck by Steph!


When Rafe looks back on his life he's definitely going to regret running up to Danni after the Immunity Challenge and telling her that he releases her from their promise.

No he isn't because he wanted Steph to have the million no matter what happend! That is what I think. He was just aww stuck by her, and he wanted her to have the million!


good calls on the Danni win, and the 6-1 vote (I had guessed 5-2, thinking Lydia would appreciate that Steph helped get her to F4).

Wikipedia is already updated with Danni's win.  As a reminder, here's the breakdown of cash winnings (not sure how it breaks down with 18 players. Maybe the first 3 boots get $2500?)  I did the breakdown from memory, I may have gotten the order of early boots mixed.

Placing    Prize (in US$)
Sixteenth    $2,500 (Jim)
Fifteenth    $3,500 (Morgan)
Fourteenth    $4,500 (Brianna)
Thirteenth    $5,500 (Brooke, Blake's in here somewhere?)
Twelfth    $7,500 (Brian, Margaret)
Eleventh    $10,000 (Amy)
Tenth    $15,000 (Brandon)
Ninth    $20,000 (Bobby Jon)
Eighth    $27,500 (Jamie)
Seventh    $35,000 (Gary)
Sixth    $45,000 (Judd)
Fifth    $55,000 (Cindy, that will pay the taxes on your car, with some to spare)
Fourth    $70,000 (not too shabby, Lydia!)
Third    $85,000 (Rafe)
Runner-up    $100,000 (Steph)
Winner    $1,000,000 (Danni, of course)

All players also receive an additional $10,000 for their appearance on the reunion show[1].



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