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When Danni wins............

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Let the record show that when Danni wins the show that I called it about two months ago in both articles and on RFF Radio.......... :thumbC:

you didn't steal that info from Puddin, did you?? LOL


Hahaahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ]][

In all seriousness, I'm betting this is how the vote is divided up:

Danni:  Judd, Jamie, Gary, Lydia
Steph:  Bobby Jon, Rafe, Cindy

LOL I even called Steph gets one vote from RAFE  :neenerC: 

 :keetaC: , this is what I posted

to sum it up
Lydia 4th boot
final 3 Rafe/Danni/Steph
Danni wins IC ,  picks Steph 
Rafe gone
final 2 Steph & Danni

..who wins ? guessing Danni seeing as Steph hasn't made to many friends on the jury ..maybe Rafe will be the one vote for Steph the rest for Danni , Danni wins 6-1,7304.0/all.html


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