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Final Four IC

Jeff: Most complex maze ever, based on Maya diety, bird that ruled land, race into maze, get puzzle pieces, six stations but 8 pieces so some in pairs, every piece you got to go back to station, pontoons, then go back out, all eight pieces reveals one of three images


All four race, lot of area to cover, dummy stations

Up to you if you want to share what you found
Steph/Lydia has theirs
Danni has theirs
Steph and Lydia crossing pontoons
Danni found pontoon
Lydia on board with first pair
Danni on board
Everyone has first pair

D/R side by side
Lydia has another piece, has to find way back
R/D neck and neck
Rafe with this third piece, now Danni with hers
Everyone now has three pieces
Four more stations left
Only just begun and everyone winded


Rafe across pontoons with fourth
Steph has hers
Danni now back
D/R/S all with four

Lydia finds her fourth
Rafe back with another
Steph leaps across pontoons
Rafe and Steph with fifth pieces, neck and neck
Lydia coming back with a pair of pieces

Lydia now with five
Danni/Rafe found another piece
Steph now has another piece
Danni with her fifth
Rafe now has six pieces
Steph right on his tail
Both have one station each
D has to keep moving if she still wants in on this
Danni coming back with number six

Lydia lost................
Steph finds last station
Lydia fighting, short little legs working
Rafe with last piece
Steph on his tail

Rafe/Steph putting puzzle together
Dani fighting to stay in it and find last piece

Danni now has it and has to come back to station
Danni acorss pontoons but S/R huge head start

Danni now in it
Lydia not giving up, has last piece

Patience is key, do not panic
Rafe thinks he has it..............


Lydia gets up there when it is over
Jeff: feel good to have
Rafe: especially at this stage

Jeff: head on back to camp

Slo mo they all walk off

Day 37

R: serious challenge!
r conf: weird tohave necklace and going to final three, I really believe can get to end of game
Steph:i really want to get to final two with you
Rafe: me too
Steph conf: My strategy is to go to final two with Rafe b/c we played similar game

Steph: we neve rlied to each other
Rafe: not once

Steph conf: most likely we should take lydia, cause she won't win final three challenge

Rafe conf: steph is like we need to get to final two and keep Lydia, possible strategical better but i promised danni final three

Danni conf: rafe promised three but you know how that goes

Rafe: you are a big reaeeason I'm here (to danni)
Steph comes over to ask about chicken carcass

R conf: steph wanted that chicken
S/L go to chicken carcass
Steph: we got to eat it
Lydia; would you and rafe consider keeping me here
Steph: he hasn't given me an answer yet but would rather go with you
Lydia: let me know

L conf: I think steph leaning towards me b/c I'm not a threat

Steph: Guys it looks so good, we can say a prayer to make you feel better, it's a dead chicken that is cooked

They are eating
L: rafe you okay??
Rafe conf: powerful experience today, felt i learned so much about sacrifice so I felt like eating it would be pointless, would lose what I learned
L: we are surviving out here
Rafe: you guys eat it

S conf: you are going to let it sit there?? chicken stilll there I am eating it

Raining hard
S: should we say a prayer of forgivness

D conf: huge storm after we ate chicken, thought oh no maybe something to this
Rafe: Heard them say thunder is God or something like that
S: that is freaky!!


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