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The football game ran over time , should be starting up soon  :smileC:

CBS says 8:22 East time

Thanks to Trix & Co for the playbyplay :keetaC:


36 days ago, 16 Americans adventure of lifetime
First surprise came two previous castaways
BJ joined Nakum
Steph joined yaxha
Steph: maybe they want to get rid of me
First RC, 11 mile race, thru night and into next day
Both tribes pushed to limit, it was Nakum across finish line first
But victory came at high price
Margaret: big strong guys are all down
At first IC Yaxha made comeback sending Nakum to TC where Jim out

Tribes continued to fight hard and Yaxha's comeback short lived with Morgan and Brianna gone

Day 10 tribes switched

A/B/G outnumbered
S/J mixed things up when bonding with Judd
Rivarly between tribes intensified and intertribal conflicts intensified
Judd rant at Margarat
Nakum lost Brooke and Margaret
Yaxha lost Blake, Brian/Amy

Night 18 merge and treemail brought news of immunity idol in jungle

At first II, a tribe divide exposed when some members sat out and feasted
BJ: thought we were one tribe
The tension between two former tribes didn't ease at TC
BJ: No class
Jamie: bigger man
Jeff: II at camp, anyone find it?
When it didn't surface, Brandon first one out
Things not good for D/G/BJ
When Judd won clue to hidden location he shared with Steph
Then Judd lied to rest of tribe

Gary was suspicious when he caught Judd looking in trees
At tC, Gary stunned tribe when he found it and BJ first member of jury

By day 27 Jamie's paranoia wearing on his alliance
Rafe: I'm like Jamie diriving me insane
Though his tribe assured him he was safe, Jamie ws voted out
Jamie: Blindsided nice!

Gary continued to give it his all but when RAfe won third time, Gary attempted to stir things up by exposing Judd's lie at TC

But all of Gary's game play didn't save him......
Danni was last remaining member of former Yax and Lydia was on the outs with hers, the odds agasinst them were insurmountable
At auction, lvoed ones rvealed, Judd bought overnight stay, that night, Stephenie assured Kristen she and Judd to the end

But Steph didn't know D/R were conspiring against Judd

Just when she needed it most, Danni won immunity.
Jeff: well played
Then she pulled out all the stops to turn Steph against Judd
Steph: danni hasn't lied at all
Judd never saw it coming, S joined forces with R/D/L to vote him out

As it all came down to wire, R/D made a promise to the end
Danni: will take you to final two
Rafe: huge degree of security

At RC, Cindy won a new car
But she was put on spot when given a difficult choice
Cindy chose to keep car
Rafe was angry and he lobbied to have her voted out
But Steph was unsure
Steph: felt bad about Judd, not turning on cindy, another vote I could lose

At IC, Steph secured herself a spot in final four
and at TC, she risked alienating another member of jury when Cindy voted out

Now four remain

Final challenges, two go onto jury, one outlasts rests and become Sole Survivor

Day 37
Waking up
R: morning Lydia
Lydia conf: Realizing I was final four, greatest feeling, felt like odd man out, my destiny??

Danni con: trying to be relaxed, but a wreck, huge KC fan, gone to final four twice and never brought home championship

Rafe conf: feels good, proud of every decision I made, happy with these people as final four


Dani con: treemail lydia comes up all excited

Lydia: Living amongst 200 year of history, spirit of Maya, part of history, embrace it. we are going to celebrate!!
Rafe:does it say it??
Lydia: No but I gather that.

They are laughing at her

Lydia: do you not cmprehend??? I have this vision
Steph: we decided to keep her around

They are all laughing

Lydia conf: maya may come and perform a ritual!!

And guess what is coming..............

Steph conf: Mayan family comes and they spoke no English, candles, made a circle with sugar, rosemary, honey, I was like hello!!! we want the honey!!! The oldest man chanting, giving thanks to ancestors, they had this live chicken, thought Oh are we gonna get to eat that chicken???

Rafe conf: as soon as chicken came out, steph was like oh are they going to kill it and I said I think this is a sacrafice, they pulled off the head, steph asked if they killed it and I was like Steph they just killed the chicken!! Got so much out of the ritual

Lydia conf: being hispanic background, felt a kinship, also offered us delciious tamales, steph had her eyes on that yard bird!!! She told me to ask if we can have it

Lydia asks

Lydia conf: Oh no this is an offering to the Gods

Rafe conf: this was a thank you to the gods, i've been waiting for a cultural experience to understand where you are!


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