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Transcripts for Episode 13
« on: December 10, 2005, 07:05:11 PM »
{ thanks to tutorial & James Barber }

Here are the voting transcripts of Episode 13. Interesting comments though.

Cindy: [RAFE] My best pal in the game has become my biggest rival. You are just a tough competitor and rocks the competition and do well and dang it, people just like you. So you are a complete package when it comes to threats.

Danni: [CINDY] Cindy, the only reason I am writing your name down is that I gave my word to Rafe and I think he is the only person in the game that has not gone back in his word so far and I plan to keep it that way.

Stephenie: [ Cindy *sad face* ] Cindy, I tried so hard to stick to the plan but when we came back from the reward, they told me "No way", even if I didn't vote for you tonight, the other 3 would have and you were gone. So sorry, you are an amazing woman and I had an awesome time with you. You deserve the best always in life and can't wait to hang out with you after the game. Bye.

Lydia: [ Cindy *lion face* ] What a terrific person you are! But you are very fast, athletic, competitive and very intelligent and I am voting with the tribe.

Rafe: [ CINDY ] Cindy, I always knew you'd vote whichever way the wind was blowing. In a game where I'm the biggest threat, it's always blowing towards me. I have to vote you out. I love you though.

Here are the others, aside from CINDY, THE DAY AFTER, which cut off near the end (and most of it was what we already know - the jungle was hard, Gary said she wasn't deserving).


LYDIA (solo; standing in front of her torch):

We're on day 34, and this is like my journal. I get my torch and I pretty much inscribe whatever is going on here and whatever's happening here. The days that I've been here, which is 34 days. Of course I've got my family name, my brother and my sister, my pet name, and I also write down - see, we don't have a journal here, we don't have a pen here, so I just get this device here, and I inscribe things that keep me knowing what's going on here. I wrote down all the people that's been voted off, and I also started one here with the jury, who's on the jury, for example, Bobby Jon, Jamie, Gary, and last night, Judd was voted off. So I've got them on here too, and it's pretty much like a diary.



Well, Rafe and I for a couple of days now have been debating if we have a chance to go to the final 4, who are we gonna bring with us. We originally had a really strong alliance with Cindy, and that alliance kind of started to break down when we voted Judd out. After we voted Judd out, we assured Cindy we're still tight with her and we still want to go to the final 4 with her, it's just a matter of who else we're going to bring. We were thinking maybe Lydia, maybe Danni. Well, Cindy wants Danni out, Danni wants Lydia out. I went on an amazing reward with Cindy last night, and she said if Danni gets to the final 2, pretty much she'll beat any of us, which is true, but if Cindy gets to the final 2, she's also beat any of us, which I wasn't thinking about until I just spoke to Rafe. Rafe's like, 'She'll definitely beat you, she'll definitely beat me.' We're thinking about trying to keep it even, be nice, maybe we'll get rid of Lydia, we'll bring Cindy AND Danni in the final 4 with me and Rafe, but at the same time, we're fighting for a million bucks, and to be nice in this game is almost ridiculous. We are now - we can't make any decisions until we know who wins immunity next - but we're thinking our best bet would be bringing Danni and Lydia with Rafe and I to the final 4. Then at the 4, Lydia most likely is not gonna win immunity. And if Danni wins she'll definitely bring both of us. If Rafe or me, then we'll definitely bring each other, and maybe we'll bring Lydia, I don't know, we haven't even talked about that. But bottom line is if we get to the 3 with Danni, she's gonna be easier to beat than Cindy to get us to the 2. So that's what we pretty much just discussed, and you know I'm sure a lot of things will come in and out of our minds in the next 24 hours, depending on who wins immunity it could throw everything off. We're just trying to get a good plan in place - there's 4 days left. This is it. This is home stretch, so we need to figure this out. If I do end up turning on Cindy and voting her out, I feel really horrible, but this is it. This is the worst part of the game, but this is the game. This what you have to do if you want to get to the end of the game.


"Well, here I am, 36 days into the game, and this is my last. Apparently you would think living in the Guatemalan jungle, only the strong would survive, but I'm out of the game now, so maybe that's not so true, because I'm one of the strongest people sitting up there tonight and now they went back to camp and I'm not with 'em. I have no regrets in this game, I have no regrets in how I played the game and what happened. Playing this game is the biggest dream I've had in my entire life and every single thing that has happened in the past 36 days has made that dream bigger than I could have ever in my wildest imagination created. So I am absolutely ecstatic for every opportunity I have had over the past 36 days, and I got to know people and create friendships with people that normally would have never, ever happened. Some truly amazing things have happened over the past 36 days and I will never, ever forget them. Yeah, I didn't win the million bucks, but I have memories that are priceless. There's no dollar signs for the things I'm gonna have in my head and in my heart for the rest of my life.


I do not regret taking the car, especially tonight. I feel that whether I had kept the car and the reward, or given the cars to other tribe members and let them go on the reward, I'd still be sitting here tonight, because apparently it's all about me being a strong competitor, and that is the reason I was voted out tonight. People apparently think I'm a big, huge threat when it comes to challenges, physical challenges and competitions, which is silly, becaue Rafe has won a lot of them and I've really only won 2, but I think maybe I turned on the heat a little much and people found that a threat, but I'm not gonna pretend to not wanna win a challenge so that people would wanna keep me around. I'm gonna do my best, I'm gonna try my hardest, I'm gonna give it my all every single chance I get, and that's what I did. So if that's what got voted me out, I've got nothing to be ashamed about.


I think the one thing I'll miss the most is the sounds of the jungle. Whether it's at night and it's a howler monkey at 3 AM, or big frogs calling back and forth across camp, or the birds making a bunch of noise, flying over, rustling the trees just at the break of day, waking you up, it doesn't matter. I will miss the cecadas, the birds, the howler monkeys, the frogs, every sound you hear at night, because it literally is nature's orchestra. I am gonna wish I could go to bed at night and hear that for probably many nights to come. So I'm gonna miss that a lot.


Probably what surprised me the most about being out here is how much like tonight, when we left for Tribal Council and I thought there was a good possibility that I was a target, that's when I felt the most surprised. I felt like as I left camp and walked down the hill to Tribal Council, that I was literally leaving home. I felt like I was leaving a home I could never come back to. I never expected in this game to feel that way about anybody I played the game with or anywhere that I went. But after 36 days, it doesn't seem long in real life, but out here, I literally felt like I was leaving home and would never get to come back.


One thing I learned about myself while being out here and playing this game is, #1, I don't have to pretend to be somebody I'm not to be successful, because I've been exactly who I am this whole game, maybe just a little bit subdued with the attitude, but I've pretty much been myself this whole game and it got me really far. Also I learned about myself I can socialize better with people I don't know so well than I expected, and I can be accepted into groups of people that I would normally look at from the outside and say, 'Yeah, I'll never like them,' or, 'Yeah, I'll never get along with them, they'll never accept me.' I was accepted, and I did get along with people, and I created friendships with people that in real life I would have never in real life even given a second thought to being in a relationship, a friendship with. I've really surprised myself socially as well.


Final word to my tribe is I hope that all your expectations are carried out and I hope you guys can go home and have the appreciation of the jungle a little more than maybe you normally would and hope that you could wake up at night and wish you could hear the howler monkeys and the frogs instead of cursing them. I hope this game gives you a better appreciation of the environment as well as every aspect of life that we tend to take for granted on a daily basis.