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I wonder what would have happened if Cindy gave cars to the rest of the contestants? Oh, well. You were a strong player. It's been nice seeing you in the middle of the game. Time to take your new vehicle and hit the road.

It's hard to imagine what I would have done if I was put on the spot like she was.  That being said, there was no turning back with her.  She made up her mind and rubbed salt in the others' wounds, rather being aware that she could have tried some damage control.  Now, THAT is something that you can run through in your mind after the decision is made.

I'm surprised she didn't go the route of apologizing.  "Hey, it was a split-second decision.  I really think I messed it up.  I'm sorry."  I can't say that would have saved her from being snuffed at the next opportunity.  But I don't know how it would have hurt.

she would have been kicked off even if she did give them the cars.  I think Cindy did the right thing..

I agree with Vernie on this one. Giving the others the cars wouldn't have bought her much time. It may have got her to the final 4, but then again, it may not have either!


It would have been a huge gamble.  However I think all not taking the cars did was cement her going home.


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