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Each season, there seems to be a team that most people gravitate to - those that we strongly dislike.

This season, it's The Weavers.  However, before the Weavers, we had: Team Guido, Will and Tara, Flo and Zach, Jonathan and Victoria, and Rob and Amber, just to name a few.

I'm just curious - which team did you dislike the most?

For me, I'm torn - as the Weavers strike me the most - but that's now, since we're in the present and going through watching the show.  If I had to go back and choose a team I dislike, I think it'd have to be either Will/Tara or Jonathan/Victoria.  More for the men in the teams than the women.  I hated Will always "quitting", and I really wish that he had just quit.  And Jonathan - well, he can call editing all he wants - but I'm a believer in the "Do unto others" policy, or the "If you don't have anything nice to say" policy.

How about ya'll?

Hayden and Aaron  (:;)

only because Hayden hid behind a bush

Weavers =

I would take 100 Flo's & Will's as well as around 20  Weavers any day over Jonathug , never ever hit a woman and his mental abuse was horrific  (:;)


--- Quote from: goodyingbadyang on December 07, 2005, 09:01:02 AM ---Hayden and Aaron  (:;)

only because Hayden hid behind a bush

Weavers =

--- End quote ---

That's funny. I loved Hayden. Better to be a pain than  disrespectful with other cultures (Kendra), abusive(Jonathan), big liar (team guido) or rude(Wull/Tara)

But the worst for me are the Weavers. Hipocrites.

Chateau d If:
Hayden hiding behind the potted palm is one of my favorite TAR memories. 

I am not part of the "we" who hold Flo and Zach in the strongly dislike category. 

Flo is very nice, just out of her element on TAR.  But Zach was perfect for holding her up to the task. 

I got to meet Victoria at the West Coast finale party for TAR7 and I get the impression she is Zach's counterpart in her support of Jonathan.  Imagine how impossible that life must be.  I think she could wup his ass if the need ever suited her.  She's quite tall and very fit.

My dislikes are Kendra, Jonathan, the TAR1 team that stole the taxi at CDG, Adam for being a perpetual baby, and most definitely the Weasels.


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