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Spoilers From Around the Boards
« on: October 01, 2003, 09:45:33 PM »
United we stand, Divided we....?on the next Survivor..Two Survivors decide not to join their tribe on a search for buried treasure, raising suspicions about what they are doing with their alone time.
Trying to make a decision for the tribe, Jon insults Sandra, and a screaming match erupts.
One Survivor loses an item that is crucial to the tribe's survival, inciting the tribe's fury.
A painfully physical Immunity Challenge leaves the fate of two Survivors in the hands (literally) of their fellow tribe members.
 ..Here are some of this weeks Spoilers..This has been the hardest week to predict..The gender of the 3rd boot is unknown !!
From Survivor Sucks.
.Rupert is getting to much face time..Does this mean a early boot? Darrah is getting no face she the winner??
Can Morgan actually win the IC challenge this week? Drake will boot off Rupert/Jon / Shawn /Sandra? (My guess..Drake wins both IC and RC)
If Drake wins IC..Morgan will boot off Lillian? (My guess would be Osten)

From Survivor Blows..
“Mutiny on the Bounty” on Andrew and his ass is set adrift on the open seas....
Jiffy said in numerous interviews that this show has the biggest lie ever. Well, who lies and what is it about? The theory here is that Osten faking wanting to go home and so people won’t think he is a huge physical threat. There are some other theories floating around here about Osten but it seems that Osten is the liar.
Ryan S on Early Show has some speculation about Andrew leaving early.
"The Mole Theory"Lillian told her significant other that there is a mole planted in both tribes.

Ep3 Boot Risk:

Jon Dalton  Ep3 Boot Risk: GREAT /Rupert Boneham Ep3 Boot Risk: GREAT /Lillian Morris Ep3 Boot Risk: EXTREME DANGER

Survivor Spoiler's Scorecard
 Jon wanted and even promised to have sex on the show. It remains to be seen if he actually got lucky, or was voted out due to the creepiness factor (or possibly even both!).  (thumbs down)
 Chirp: Despite his apparent massive popularity among viewers, and intimidating persona, a little birdie tells us that his tribe members were not the least bit afraid of voting Rupie out. Maybe Ryan or Jon found a new mentor in Loser Lodge. Lord knows they need one. (thumbs down)
Ryan O
 Initial reports about him not doing particularly well. Still trying to firm up, but we're downgrading him from Neutral after E1.   (thumbs down)
 Survivor Fever Poll
Total Voters: 2562
 Survivor Fever Poll (Who will be voted off next?)

Andrew Savage  84 (3.3%)
Burton Roberts  23 (0.9%)
Christa Hastie  37 (1.4%)
Darrah Johnson  21 (0.8%)
Jon Dalton  869 (33.9%)  < WOW!!>
Lillian Morris  486 (19.0%)
Michelle Tesauro  30 (1.2%)
Osten Taylor  456 (17.8%)
Rupert Boneham  99 (3.9%)
Ryan Opray  59 (2.3%)
Sandra Diaz-Twine  190 (7.4%)
Shawn Cohen  123 (4.8%)
Tijuana Bradley  103 (4.0%)
Who wins Immunity? (Total Votes: 45)  
     6 13%  
     39 86%  
Who wins Reward? (Total Votes: 45)  
     41 91%  
     4 08%  
Who is voted off? (Total Votes: 47)  
     0 0%  
     1 02%  
     26 55%  
     0 0%  
     5 10%  
     5 10%  
     2 04%  
     3 06%  
     0 0%  
     0 0%  
     5 10%  
     0 0%  
     0 0%  

According to the Rumours...

Final two: Osten vs Sandra

Next reward winner: Drake
Next immunity winner: Morgan
Next bootee: Rupert :(

According to Miss Spamgirl...

Final two: Osten vs Sandra

Next reward winner: Drake
Next immunity winner: Morgan
Next bootee: Sandra :( (who will come back in a twist later)
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Re:Spoilers From Around the Boards
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2003, 11:28:40 PM »
Wow, the speculations sure differ huh?

Survivor Spoiler's Scorecard
Jon wanted and even promised to have sex on the show. It remains to be seen if he actually got lucky, or was voted out due to the creepiness factor (or possibly even both!).  

I wonder if this is the biggest lie Jon told.  Maybe he lied that he had sex with one of the tribe members or a monkey in a tree?hahaha

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Re:Spoilers From Around the Boards
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2003, 09:07:36 AM »
Wow, I do hope that Rupert stays!  I absolutely love him.  Puddin~thanks for posting that post.  I've made a folder in my favorites for Survivor and I have 25 websites under it.  It's hard to look at them all.  I think I'm gonna have to delete some of them.  Your post really helped me alot. ;D
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Re:Spoilers From Around the Boards
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2003, 03:21:00 PM »
Did I miss something here?? Jon and Christa didn't join in the search..but I didn't hear any suspicious comments?
Two Survivors decide not to join their tribe on a search for buried treasure, raising suspicions about what they are doing with their alone time.

from Survivor Insider, the Paid insider clips... transcribed by Markopolo:


You saw the Drake tribe hunt for the buried treasure. But what were Jon and Christa up to while the others were gone? Insider tags along as Jon and Christa go on an excursion of their own.

Markopolo's note: OH! We finally see the details of what CBS teasers said about two tribe members staying behind. And sure enough, Christa and Jon are the lazy airheads of the Drake tribe! Rupert takes a nice shot at Jon!

(At Drake camp, the tribe members are happily eating rice.)

Burton (confessional): Right now things couldn't be better. The shelter, pretty good. We have plenty of water (pic of Shawn drinking huge mug), and as long as we get a stingray or fish, plenty of protein.

Burton (to tribe): Does everyone think we should look for the treasure in the boat.

Christa: You know there's that little island out there that only comes up at a certain time of day.

Burton (not listening to Christa): Anyone want to stay and replenish the water supply?

Rupert: I'm always for someone guarding our camp. And I know if we left YOU here (points to Jon) you would actually do something.

Jon: I know. Hey guys, I am going to stay here, guard the chickens, get wood and work on water. (Trish smiles)

Shawn or Burton: You're not going Chris?

Jon: No, she's going to help me. (Christa is lying inside the shelter)

(Rupert and Jon shake hands, and the six Drake members go off on their boat)

Christa (to Jon): I think we have enough water for now.

Jon: Want to make our first wood run? So it looks like we've done something.

Christa (getting up): Let's roll.

(Scene of Jon and Christa carrying wood and doing work)

Jon (confessional): Everyone else was on the boat looking for treasure. There's an island out there that's only visible when it's low tide. And we didn't see the boat going in that direction so we decided to go out there to see if we could find the treasure.

(Jon and Christa swimming out to island)

Jon (on rocks): It was really hard to swim out here. We actually thought it was low tide and we could just walk out here. That was foolish for the brains of the operation to think (laughs)

Christa (with Jon digging with their hands on the beach): I haven't found anything except these rocks. We might get to the whole island before we're done (laughs and snorts).

(Jon and Christa see boat of Drake members paddling in the distance)

Christa (to Jon): They're not heading back, are they?

(Jon and Christa yell to boat, but the boat doesn't see them)

Jon: If I can see them out all the way over there, they should be able to see us. (JON, SORRY, BUT THEY REALLY DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU)

Jon (confessional): Christa and I yell and scream jumped up and down, looked as stupid as humanly possible to get attention.

(Christa jumps up and down doing jumping jacks and yelling like an airhead)

Christa (to Jon): They're definitely not coming out. I can't believe they didn't see us. We should head back.

Christa (confessional): It was horrible, we had to swim back. It was really, really far.

(Jon and Christa start to swim back)

Shawn (to Burton back at camp): Did they boil water?

Burton: I don't know but the fire's out.

Shawn: Their excuse for not going is to watch the camp and we come back and I don't see one of em.

Michelle (confessional): We were kind of pissed off because Jon and Christa said they would stay back and watch over camp. And we come back, and they're not there. We have no clue where they are. They just chose not to do anything, instead of coming with us, which SUCKED.


Shawn (to Burton, Sandra and crew): They made a bench. Looks sturdy enough (sarcasm). That'll last about 10 minutes then we'll burn it in the fire.