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Survivor Finale "Thunder Storms and Sacrifice"

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"Thunder Storms and Sacrifice"

to sum it up
Lydia 4th boot
final 3 Rafe/Danni/Steph
Danni wins IC ,  picks Steph 
Rafe gone
final 2 Steph & Danni

..who wins ? guessing Danni seeing as Steph hasn't made to many friends on the jury ..maybe Rafe will be the one vote for Steph the rest for Danni , Danni wins 6-1    :sleepC:

almost forgot ..this thanks to Lauren Cusack @ sucks

 and thanks CBS Webmonkeys  :smileC:

puddin, that cBS pic shows Cindy in F4.  )_^>

Bad Monkeys  ]*]



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