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The Apprentice Finale Odds - Randal vs Rebecca
« on: December 04, 2005, 11:09:08 PM »
The Apprentice Finale Odds - Randal vs Rebecca  12/2/05

Odds on Who Will be Named the Next Apprentice: Randal or Rebecca?

Season Four wraps up next Thursday Night, December 8 with two of the Apprentice's most able candidates since the series inception, Randal and Rebecca

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 2, 2005 -- Week 10 wrapped up with yet another double firing. This time Alla and Felicia got the axe. It's down to two very talented and extremely intelligent candidates in next week's finale, Randal and Rebecca.

"This will likely be the toughest choice the Donald's had to make since the show's inception," commented Thomas Jensen, Marketing and Media Coordinator for "23 year old Rebecca was named "One of 20 Teens Who Will Change the World" by Teen People magazine in February 2000 and was awarded a Point of Light by President Clinton. She graduated with honors from the University of Chicago, earning degrees in economics and pre-law. Meanwhile, you have Randal, who holds five academic degrees in engineering, business and technology including a B.S. from Rutgers University, an M.S. from the University of Oxford in England as a Rhodes Scholar, and an M.S., M.B.A. and Ph.D. from MIT."

The Donald has been criticized at times for his tendency to hire white males. On last season's Apprentice, Trump hired his first female apprentice. Trump is yet to select an African American. Randal is clearly one of the strongest candidates to ever appear on the show, regardless of race or gender. But then again, Rebecca is no slouch either, having worked her way to the Final Two much of the season on crutches after suffering an injury during an earlier episode.

"Neither individual is without their flaws," commented Jensen. "Randal nearly got himself fired after seemingly sleepwalking through two tasks in a row, two in which his team ended up losing. Then there was Rebecca, who refused to fire an obvious weak link after the two developed a friendship. Rebecca also failed both times as team leader whereas Randal won both times he was Project Manager."

And though Rebecca might be seen as somewhat of a "charity case" with those crutches, it was Randal who made the tough choice to stay after his grandmother passed away during filming of the show. Randal was especially close to his grandmother and the Donald showed a soft side by ultimately allowing his candidate to fly via helicopter to attend her funeral in Philadelphia.

Both Rebecca and Randal appeared to be the strongest candidates coming into the Final Four, but Alla Wartenberg may easily have given either one of them a run for their money.

Alla, 31, is already a multi-millionaire owner of a chain of upscale Dolphin Court Salons & Day Spas in Las Vegas (Nevada) that offer a variety of massage treatments, body wraps, and skin and hair care products.

She emigrated with her parents to US in 1988, when she was 14. At age 19, she made her first investment in real estate, thus starting to fulfill her “American dream”. At age 23 she was one of the youngest pioneers of the spa industry. And though the official NBC bio for Wartenberg focuses on her self-made millions and fails to mention her pole-dancing past, all it took was a little digging from the super sleuths at the Smoking Gun to uncover the goods on the 31-year-old Apprentice contender.

"Yes it's true," Jensen disclosed. "Alla Wartenberg used to be a stripper. Not that this was ever brought up during the show. Actually, there were a few other female candidates we here at had pegged as former strippers, Alla not being among them."

Back in her stripper days, Wartenberg danced at Las Vegas' Palomino Club under the name Ecstasy and was involved in a "pretty platonic relationship" with convicted murderer Robert Acremant, a client of hers who apparently considered her his girlfriend.

On his frequent visits to the club, Acremant would reportedly shell out between $500 and $1,500 for a night in the company of Alla/Ecstasy (or "X," as her friends called her) and eventually developed something of a cash flow problem.

Low on funds, but desperate to continue seeing his scantily-clad lady friend, Acremant attempted to rob a pair of Oregon women in 1995 but ended up killing them in a heist-gone-wrong.

Later that year, he also murdered Scott George, a friend from California, in a second robbery attempt. He was convicted of all three murders and was sentenced to death in both California and Oregon, where he is currently on Death Row.

As a result of her association with Acremant, Wartenberg was called upon to testify at his trial in Tulare County Superior Court in August 2002, where she explained that she had simply "used him for money."

"I liked him as a client," Wartenburg said, according to the court transcript. "I thought he was really nice."

Alla is Now a happily-married mother of four and now she gets to go back to them. Why she would leave a multi-million dollar business to work for the Donald at only a few hundred thousand dollars is anybody's guess. Alla was fired for "being too difficult to lead", which might not necessarily be a bad thing.

So who do the odds favor of becoming Donald Trump's next Apprentice?

Leading into the final four, Bodog listed the following odds:

Randal 5/6 Felisha 4/1 Alla 7/2 Rebecca 1/1

"Randal returned to form in the week leading up to the final four, delivering the determined, focused performance that has been his hallmark during the competition," said Jensen. "He demonstrated his killer instinct by snatching up the other team's megaphones for their assigned street advertisement project. But Rebecca seemed to savor in the moment just as much, if not more so and the two of them worked closely as a team in order to snatch a win in Week 10."

You can find more odds on the Apprentice by visiting

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Re: The Apprentice Finale Odds - Randal vs Rebecca
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2005, 12:54:51 PM »
I don't think this is a spoiler, but there's speculation over in the TWoP Apprentice forum that the Donald hires both Randal and Rebecca.

This would make sense, if Randal loses his final task.  I can certainly imagine Donald saying, "Rebecca, you won the final task, you're hired.  Randal, although you lost the final task, you are a great candidate, and you're also hired."