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Damnit Steph!!

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I don't like to gloat.  Wait what am I talkinf about I love gloating!  Nobody thought Steph would even make it to merge.  But you know what she overcame the odds and made it 2 final four with a target on her back!  Shes more than made up for her bad luck in palau.  =]/   

As for the finalle who does everyone think will win?

Steph was on my local news , says she is doing a line of bikinis & fitness wear for some Brazalian company , also shes expecting a engagement ring for X-Mas . Rumor is she already sold her wedding coverage to some rag magazine for mega-bucks .

I think I like Survivor Steph more than Make Up Wearing Steph...  I just, ugh - I dunno... it was weird seeing her on the finale all made up like that. 

Oh Steph is so much better looking when she doesn't wear makeup it is ridiculous.  I'm not sure who does her makeup for her but this is the second aftershow in a row where you could have made the argument she looked better when she was unshowered and wearing no makeup.

Stephs penciled in eyebrows , yuk

As a girl I have to say that Danni was by far the prettiest Survivor winner to date , imo she is just stunning .


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