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Damnit Steph!!

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To be honest over both seasons the only tactical mistake I feel like steph made was voting out Judd and not buying the immunity clue.  That was the only episode that i ever watched steph and thought 2 mysellf what the hell was she thinking. >:(

I agree that she was a woman of few mistakes, in Palau she probably really did all she could.  She probably would have lost to Tom either way. This is probably the only time being that last of the "short" side of the alliance.  Two things aided Tom a) his tribe dominating b) for some reason no one was bitter with Tom his tribe all kinda liked each other and no one really had ill will toward him so cudos to that.  In Guatemala not taking Lydia to F3 was as big a mistake as Burton taking Jon on the car reward in PI with Lydia in F3 her and Rafe would have dominated the challenge and Rafe would have taken her, and then probably lobbied for Steph to win (just like he did from the Jury) In the end Face it she had a way better arguement then Danni in the end That would have made me vote for her she just cut to many throats of her Jury.


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