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Damnit Steph!!

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I think everyone here knows that I am one of the biggest if not the biggest diehard Steph LaGrossa dan on these boards and although she seems to get a whole lot of hateing on her this season I totally stick by her.  She realised what she did wrong in Palau and she fixed that by building a good solid alliance and putting herself in a more powerful position to win the game.  I can't see how anybody can deny that. =]/

Anyway onto the disscussion topic.  Does anyone else think Steph made a big mistake voting Jamie out last episode?  I mean if she makes it to final two like I'm hopeing she does the only people she can possibly beat in the final 2 are Jamie and Judd.  As soon as Judd goes Steph has almost guarenteed that she will not win the million or more importantly the sole survivor of Guetemala. :':')

Secondly.  Can anyone else see Steph Rafe and Lydia being on the chopping block this week?  Without Jamie and by voting without informing Judd the three of them may have just made a very costly mistake leaving themselves open for an alliance of Juud, Gary, Danni and Cindy? |(

  I suggest you read the Spoiler board Cecil, thats  if you want to be spoiled   :yaya:

Happy Turkey Day  {|

Yeah.  Shes not out of the woods yet though. Gary may be gone but Danni and Rafe are still going strong. |(

Could her editing get any uglier  {l{ .. poor Lydia shes Cinderella as the evil Steph orders her to deliver water . And Jamie & BJ just know that they are having a good ole time in the Lodge making fun of Steph ..pretty safe to say she won't be getting their votes .

Cecil made a good point about the dangerous ground Steph now has to tread in keeping her alliance strong.  Gary did try to forge an alternative F4, but with Rafe, not Cindy.  Just didn't work out for him, that's all.


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