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Survivor Insider Transcripts EP8
« on: November 07, 2005, 11:03:49 PM »
thought it was a good read

thanks to survivorfever & James Barber

Survivor Insider Transcripts
Survivor: Guatemala Episode 8
Transcripts courtesy of James Barber

About Survivor Insider:  Survivor Insider includes never before seen on TV video clips from each episode. 
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Clip Description:  The first casualty after the merge is Brandon.  Find out what each member of the tribe says while casting their vote.

JUDD: Brandon, unfortunately, this is a number game, but you're a hell of a dude and I'm glad I got the pleasure to meet you. Good luck.

LYDIA: You're a tough competitor and I'm very proud of the way you played this game. Good luck to you, you're a great person.

JAMIE: I have the utmost respect for you. We bled together, we fought together. You're going out as a threat. I hope that means a lot to you, cause you're not sticking around because you're weak and people are keeping you along. I'm sorry you had to go; maybe if we had met and been on other teams together, we could've allied. You're a good man, I hope you do well in life.

STEPHENIE: Brandon, I respect you so much, you're a great guy. You're a threat though, and you don't play into my strategy so you need to go so I can get further in this game. Good job out there.

GARY: Jamie, I really do think you're a good guy down deep, my heart just says I have to vote for you tonight. I can't vote for anybody else. I'll help you anyway I can in the future. Take care.

RAFE: This isn't a game of absolute right and absolute wrong. For me, tonight, this is the right decision.

BRANDON: Jamie, too many times you've showed disrespect, and I don't think you're as deserving to be here, but I do respect you, man.

CINDY: I think you said it best when you said you hadn't changed much in this game; probably because you don't need to. You're a great guy the way you are, and I hope you have a really great future. Nice to get to know you.

BOBBY JON: You talk about having Southern pride, well part of having Southern pride is being a Southern gentleman. And no, you dont have any class, at all.

DANNI: Jame, you're such a little peckerwood, it should be you going home tonight, not Brandon.



Clip Description: Gary, Brandon and Bobby Jon are none too happy about the merge which Gary describes as "day one but behind the 8-ball".

(Brandon, Gary and Bobby Jon are walking outside of the Xhakum camp)

BRANDON: It's different around here.

GARY: It's day 1 again. it's not only day 1, but behind the 8-ball.

BOBBY JON: I don't know, something about Jamie eats me alive sometimes, sets me off.

G: Oh, I know. Hey, you know what, right now we just gotta make the best of it, keep plucking away, it's day 19.

BRANDON (solo): I mean, we merged and everything, new tribe, and you'd think, "One big happy family." That's not how it works. You know, there's 4 of us from the Yaxha tribe and 6 of them from the Nakum tribe, and things aren't looking very up, to tell you the truth.



Clip Description:  Rafe weighs in on last night's merge and evaluates his four new tribemates:  Brandon and Bobby Jon are performing feats of strength, Danni is flashing toothy grins, and Gary is hanging out with everyone.

Rafe (solo):

"Today, I'm sporting the red buff. It's new tribes, or new tribe. Last night we were all asleep, and we hear something around camp, and we're like, 'That sounds like people. What's going on?' And then we wake up and the Yaxha tribe had come up to our camp. And Danni was like, 'You guys have new buffs. Give me your old ones. We're a new tribe. Jeff just sent us here.' Like they came straight from Tribal Council and came here. So it was kind of like middle of the night, pitch black, and we're like, 'Hi, good to see you, welcome to camp.' And we all sat around the fire for a little while, just to kind of chat and give them a real welcome instead of, 'OK, you guys sleep on the ground - welcome to our camp.' And for a little while we all sat around the fire, and then we all kind of went to their sleeping spots. Danni was the only one who slept in the shelter, so it was a little more cramped than normal, but the other 3 guys slept outside, and kind of watched out for the fire. Bobby Jon has been bringing back the biggest logs I've ever seen in my life. It's not even dawn and Bobby Jon is carrying in literally a tree trunk.


Yesterday we had our family, kind of. The 6 of us were so close, and we were so happy we won the immunity challenge, and it was just like everyone had their role, everyone knew what they did, like it was all kind of safe and happy and just really good and comfortable. Now all of a sudden there's 4 new people here. It's a tribe of 10, this is the biggest tribe we've been in the whole time. So it's a lot of people doing a lot of things and the game has just really begun. So people are playing hard already. Danni is...I never see her very far from Cindy, because I think she's trying to work that angle immediately, because there is obviously a numbers division. There's 6 Nakums and 4 Yaxhas, so the Yaxha people have to be feeling a little nervous, just because of those numbers. So everyone is kind of working it in a different way. Brandon and Bobby Jon are bringing a ton of wood, huge logs, Danni is being friendly, talking to people, showing her teeth, definitely working it in her Danni way, and Gary is just hanging out a lot with all the old Yaxha people. It's good to see Gary, it's good to talk to Gary again, and have him around. I'm really glad he made it through last night's Tribal Council.


You know, up until now itís been this team game. Weíre playing as teams, weíre competing as teams, weíre been going to Tribal Council as tribes. And now all of a sudden itís every person for themselves. Everyone here has a 1 in 10 chance at a million dollars. And theyíre playing hard already. And everyone knows Ė everyone has a different strategy. Everyone has their reason that they should get to be in the game, and you can already see people playing their different strategies exactly how youíd expect. But for the 6 of us, you know before the merge happened, we said the 6 of us are sticking together to the final 6. But thereís so much up in the air! Itís 5 original Yaxha, 5 original Nakum. 6 new Nakum, 4 new Yaxha. Itís all these different groups of people fitting together in different ways. I have no idea how itís all going to fit together. Hopefully it will fit together in a way where Iím (laughs) in the majority. And I think that it will. I think that the old Nakum will stick together Ė I mean, I think that the Nakum tribe will all stick together. But you never know.



Clip Description:  Brandon gets away from the tribe to assure us that he'll never give up in this game.  What Brandon doesn't know is that he'll be voted off in the next Tribal Council.

(Brandon at night, in Xhakum)

B: Just dealing with the amount of stuff, trying to get through the day. Things are starting to get a little bit tough. Almost lost hope to tell you the truth, making it any further in this game - it's like this is the end and I can feel it coming up on me. I almost just want to quit, I want to lay down and die, I guess. Part of me does, but the other part of me says fight on, and never give up.


Clip Description:  Minutes after witnessing Jeff Probst snuff his torch, Brandon isn't bitter about his defeat.  He's proud that he "played a respectable game" and made it past the halfway point.

"Well, what can I say? I got voted out, just straight up. I'm not full of any regret; I played the game I came out here to play, and I think I played a good game, a pretty straight-up game, and I'm not disappointed with how I played. I mean, maybe a little disappointed I didn't make it farther through - far enough through the game. I wanted to get my brother out here to visit, I told him, 'Man, I got this, I'm gonna get you out there.' I'm a little disappointed I wasn't able to meet that goal of being on the jury. I made it out here 21 days, more than halfway through I guess, and it feels pretty good. I played a respectful game I think, clear up to the end. I didn't want to do any snaking around, or stabbing people in the back, or any of that stuff, and I didn't really do any of that. Up to the end I wasn't gonna ask for pity or beg for anyone's mercy, trying to get something done. I mean, you can take me out of this game before you can take my pride, but that's just what it's all about. If you can leave this game, fulfilled, as it would be, take it all with you; such a great experience, man. You feel like crap right now, but it's just a really incredible experience to come out here and see this culture, and I'm thankful to be able to make it out here. One of my main goals was to not be voted off the first couple days, and I made it out here 3 weeks. It's satisfying. It's not as good as 39 days, but I wasn't always about the money out there. I was more about getting down and playing the game, and playing the game for myself. I think I did a pretty good job of that. I feel comfortable I can walk away with this. And it's good, it's good, it's solid, man. Yeah, I feel like I kept my class and dignity. Everybody, everyone in the whole tribe I interacted with were pretty good, standup people. They just did some things maybe I wasn't willing to do. I tried to take a harder path to win this game. Maybe a little bit better path, but it was a harder path.


Yeah, I learned that people will do a lot for a million bucks. A million dollars, that's a very tempting thing, you know. People will do a lot of stuff for that money, maybe some things I wasn't willing to do. And I knew I wasn't gonna do that, that's what I tried to win all the challenges, God I'm winning all the challenges, because I knew that was the only way I was gonna push through to the end. I just lost one. It may not have been the best strategy for other people, but it was the best strategy for me, but that's OK. If I had to play it over again, I would probably make a few changes, but play the same way for the most part, and I still respect everybody that was out here.




Brandon, The Day After
Transcribed by DCReads
Clip Description:  The day after being voted out of Guatemala

Brandon: Iím feeling pretty good, I guess. I mean, Iím still reflecting on everything and thinking about things that happened. Maybe a little bit disappointment in there but for the most part Iím feeling pretty good and Iíll be all right.


I do feel proud the way I played the game. I played the game I wanted to play. Good solid honest game. I didnít feel that I played a bad game, morally bad. Thatís good. That was my main goal, actually, to tell you the truth. I felt I accomplished that. Even though Iím not walking away with a million bucks, that was probably the main goal, even more than a million bucks, believe it or not. To play that good solid game, to be able to walk away and feel good about it. I think I got that accomplished.


Yeah you get your eggs all in one basket, how things are going to work out and you plan, everythingís going to follow this path cause Iím going to make it follow this path and Iím going to set up events to follow this path. But you get those twists and turns that are thrown in there and maybe you donít win the challenges that you want to win and then it completely screws up your path. It changes. I didnít expect all the thinking. I didnít expect it to be that complicated of a game. I figured I was going to have to get my alliances made and get to the end. A million bucks! It was going to be that simple, but it wasnít that simple because everybodyís trying to get a million bucks and everybodyís got the same basic plan. Obviously, as they get weeded out plans are going to clash.

I was a strong player in the beginning when we had tribes and I knew that was what was going to get me through the first part of the game: being a strong player they wouldnít want to vote me out. But I did realize that once we made a merge and started playing individual immunity that Iíd have a huge target on my back. I was hoping maybe the alliances that I formed, the friendships that I formed would protect me from people voting me out because of my athletic ability. In the end itís a game of numbers, I guess and I didnít have the numbers. They wanted me off. I guess itís kind of a compliment that Iím that big of a threat that they wanted to boot me off immediately. Not a bad way to go down, I guess.


The total Survivor experience! Man, it was like nothing Iíve ever experienced. The whole experience for me: At first it was the whole starving thing. At first what I experienced was not getting a lot of food and dehydration, starving, and then that 11 mile hike and then the whole physical part was really, really tough. That was a first time experience. But after a couple of weeks I got used to that. And then it gets more into the mind games and then thatís what that I figured out that Survivorís all about, the whole mind game things. The starving and stuff, thatís Ė if you can deal with that, you can deal with that. Itís just part of the game. As a whole experience, what I experienced is just pretty much one big blurry ass-whoopiní and then I got voted off (laughs).


Yeah I thinking being from Kansas and the Midwest helped me pretty good in the show because people look at that farmboy from Kansas, heís outdoors, he knows how to do this stuff, he spends the majority of his time outdoors, heís tougher Ė always a tough farmboy and not as deceitful as everyone and you an trust the farmboy and you may not see him as threatening or come across as threatening. Which was me for the most part.

Then the whole family pride thing - my family is going to be proud of me. They were proud of me since I got on and theyíd be proud of me if I was the first one off. Still thereís Ė itís like what I need to prove to them, kind of like, rather than Ė I know my family is going to be proud of me either way, no matter what I do, but thereís still that Ė I just want to go out there and do all I can Ė and I wanted to get my brother out there so bad. That was one of my goals and I was really disappointed that I couldnít get that done. Thatís got me down a little bit. And my brothers and family, they were saying, weíre high caliber, man, go out there and just dominate. Thatís how my brothers are and I almost Ė I kind of feel like I may have let them down a little bit since I didnít go out there and dominate like I said I would, I guess. I donít know. So Iím a little bit let down about that. But itís all good in the end (laughs) because I got on the show, I made it 21 days and thatís still good.


The best memory would probably either be the chocolate feast that we had! You know, we came in from the zipline, the last zip, came down and touched down, and they unhooked me and then, chocolate feast! (Laughs) That was so cool. That and when we first got the pool. One or the other. I donít know. All of my best memories are with the Yaxha tribe for the most part. I mean, there were a few with the Nakum tribe, but most of them are with the Yaxha tribe. I have a lot of good memories from that tribe.


I think that for the most part Iíll take home the whole traveling experience, seeing the Mayan temples and the culture and everything. Iíve never been too surprised in this game Ė itís pretty much what I expected for the most part. I donít know. I guess just seeing the culture, being in the jungle in this part of the world Ė Iíve always wanted to travel and get out there and do something like this, and this has been a great experience to be able to come out here and do this. Thatís probably what Iíll take back with me the most. Maybe apply it and try to get out more and do some more traveling.


I think it did ignite a fire in me to go travel, seek and explore. Dude, itís a whole world out there! This is just a little piece of it! Iíve only been to Kansas and went firefighting in Montana and then this thing in Guatemala Ė itís only like 3 places Iíve been. Out of all these places! And I like the history and the Mayan temple is so great! To see that stuff! And I want to go to other parts of the world, cause you know, in Kansas we donít have any of that. We may find the occasional Indian artifact or something. I want to go and see some castles in Germany or something or go and do some cliffdiving with some natives in Africa. Why not? All that stuffís out there but Iíve never got the gumption to go out there and do it myself. Having to come out here has kind of got the ball rolling and made me think itís not that hard. Just have to go out and seize it.



Clip Description:  Brandon doesn't like Jamie and makes no bones about telling us about it.  He's not crazy about Stephenie, either, but thinks Lydia is a good person.

BRANDON (solo):

Jamie pisses me off sometimes. He's always interrupting you. You'll be right in the middle of of saying something and hell interrupt you. And then some of the stuff he says just gets on my nerves. He was talking about Margaret the other day, and how they voted her off, and some stuff he said to her. He also told us that Margaret thought of myself and maybe Bobby Jon or Blake as like her kids or something ike that. That kinda pissed me off a little bit, and I almost said something to him, like, 'Dude, if you say another disrespectful word about Margaret, I'm gonna punch you in the face or something like that.' But I can't punch anyone in the face cause then I'll definitely be going home. But I don't know, he just gets on my nerves a little bit.


Jamie was talking to Lydia this morning about relationships and Lydia is a really great woman, a phenomenal woman, and she says, 'I won't kiss a guy until 3 months down the line,' and Jamie can't believe that, he's like, 'Oh, [bleep], I'd want to kiss the first night,' and all this. He's like, 'What's wrong with you?' like Lydia's a bad person for wanting that when she's really like 100 times better person than he is. I even heard him playing Morgan back at the beginning - he'd cuddle with her 1 night and the next night he voted her ass off. It seems like Jamie doesn't have respect for any woman, and I don't like that. I'd like to find a way to get him voted off too, just to be the good guy that takes down the bad guy, but I'm kind of in a really tough spot, so I don't know what I can do. But yeah, he's the only guy that gets on my nerves on the new tribe here. Like, everybody else is cool, everybody else is I can deal with. Stephenie, kind of gets on my nerves. If Stephenie and Jamie were gone I'd be happy as hell, have a big smile on my face just like Lydia, right beside Lydia and be good, but them...Stephenie throws off this vibe (clip cut off here for me)   



Clip Description: Jamie's really starting to annoy his tribemates.  As they splash in their swimming cage they air their complaints.

(all of Xhakum, save Brandon, Bobby Jon and Jamie, are in the floating pool)

JUDD: He's like my younger brother, so I have to tell him like, 'Shut the [bleep] up, man! Shut up!'

RAFE: ...because I told him, it upset me so much that lunch, I was like, 'Jamie, shut up.'

JUDD: Even in camp sometimes, he's like...

STEPHENIE: Well, he got upset early on [not sure if she means Rafe or Jamie].

GARY: Bottom line is everybody we're looking at is going to be on the jury, and if you're pissing everybody off...


JUDD: Yeah, there ya go, that's another way to look at it too.

STEPHENIE: But he knows that, he's not a dumb guy. I don't understand why he continues to open the mouth.

JUDD: ...shut up. Keep your mouth shut.

STEPHENIE: I know, I don't understand why he won't.

JUDD: Keep your comments to yourself, if someone is being voted out, don't go over to them...this is a game, we understand that, but you don't have to rub it in.

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Re: Survivor Insider Transcripts EP8
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Thanks for posting!  sounds like they all liked Brandon.