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10/24/2005  Denver Post
  We hear ...

N.Y. dance punk band The Bravery is DJ-ing an after party at La Rumba's club night Lipgloss following its Depeche Mode concert Nov. 11 ... The next edition of the CBS reality series "The Amazing Race" will start in Denver next month.

Fri Nov 04, 2005 1:04 pm
 tarflies as posted by soccer16
Just saw Phil in Denver
He was in the lobby of the Adams Mark Hotel--with what looked like 2 assistants with clipboards. Could TAR 9 be in Denver right now?

November 7th 2005
CBS cameramen for “The Amazing Race” film two race participants Monday as they pass through Denver International Airport. The ninth installment of the reality TV show, which pits teams in an around-the-world race, starts in Colorado and is expected to air in the spring.
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Nov 21st 2005
"There will be some prominent landmarks featured," promised the typically secretive Keoghan by cell phone from the set of the show's ninth season, now shooting "somewhere near the Middle East."
Middle-East Oman

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23/11 - filming at Rottnest Island Prison (near Perth)
24/11 - arrived in Darwin, went to Skycity hotel
25/11 - went to crocodile park
28/11 - “desperate-looking” couple running around airport in Adelaide

 Nov 23rd 2005
Rottnest Island
Word has it the contestants began arriving at 3am with instructions to go to the top of the main lighthouse for their next clue.
There was a flurry of activity at the bike hire shop - where employees had also been silenced - and lots of running around Rotto streets, said onlookers.
The Rottnest Tearooms were charged with feeding the hungry visitors lunch, serving up biscuits, drinks and meat and salad rolls.
"It was pretty exciting", a tearoom spy said. "One of them ran around the back and asked our head chef where Fremantle Prison was."
Being shrewd, IC figured this must be the nest destination
and called the prison for the lowdown. It too had been gagged but Monday's public notices seem to confirm the story - a small item declared the prison would be closed on Wednesday for filming.       
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Nov 24th & 25th
"The Amazing Race teams were rushed through Darwin airport to SkyCity hotel casino on Thursday night and yesterday morning they are believed to have filmed scenes at Darwin's Crocodylus Park before being whisked to a secret location."

more, posted on 11/ 26 
This mornings papers up here in Darwin said that the latest series of TAR was being filmed here. Contestants arrived Thurs night and rushed through the airport then yesterday they filmed at the Crocodile Park (all they do there is feed the snapping handbags and have animals on display so I guess there is a challenge to feed them (usually a chicken on a string off a pole). After this the paper said the contestants were then rushed off to another secret location. If they arrived late Thur night then they have either flown in from somewhere in asia or Melb or Syd (only international flights come in from Brunei, Indonesia or Singapore).
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article post Nov 29th
DID we see contestants from The Amazing Race in Adelaide?

Onlookers at Adelaide Airport on Sunday wondered what all the fuss was about when a desperate-looking couple attempted to book a capacity Singapore Airlines flight.
They also happened to be young, good-looking Americans carrying only backpacks, with a TV crew filming their every move.
They had boarding passes for a flight to Sydney, and after being told the Singapore Airlines flight was full, they ran back to the domestic terminal (bet they're wishing the new terminal was in operation).
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posted on 12/2/05 9:08 pm Giantsfan22
 Okay, I have lurked on this board for a few years and this is my first attempt at a spoiler.
My brother in law works for Alaska Airlines in Anchorage, and about half an hour ago he saw 2 guys go running through the airport with a camera guy and a sound guy following them. The only description I could get out of him was that they were 2 dudes dressed alike in matching gray sweaters and blue Adidas shoes, mid 20's, and they were looking for Northwest Airlines. They spoke to a native Alaska woman in her 50's who also works there and said they were headed to Denver. They went first to Northwest counter, then Continental, then back to Alaska Airlines.

Dec 3rd , Finish-line spec from TWoP by Dedwards

I did some detective work and called Red Rocks. I should not have bothered, the Red Rocks Online website practicly gives it away and the gal I talked to paused when I mentioned TAR by name. Then just repeated it was closed for a "private function" from 6am to noon.

From the web site.

Amphitheatre to be Closed this Saturday

Due to a private function, the Amphitheatre and Visitor Center will be closed to the public this Saturday morning, December 3, 2005. The Amphitheatre will reopen at approximately Noon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

credits if not listed above , Pedaler ,reality blurred , sucks , Slowhatch ,mcalpine9 ,gbeckman, icarus1502, rochford  ,WesternBulldogs1 ,

Denver Colorado
  Denver Post CBS cameramen for “The Amazing Race” film two race participants Monday as they pass through Denver International Airport. The ninth installment of the reality TV show, which pits teams in an around-the-world race, starts in Colorado and is expected to air in the spring. ( thanks Slowhatch )

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, Colorado ( first spoiled by Dedwards Twop's)

Here is the starting point: ( thanks Chateau d If )

This shot was taken between 9:00 and 9:22 am on November 7th, 2005.
( Thanks Chateau d If )

Here is the route to the airport. ( thanks Chateau d If )

38.1 mi (about 45 mins)
 Varig /Brazillian airline (thanks supsandalee)

Viaduto Santa Ifigenia /Sao Paulo,Brazil ( thanks to Kogs ,Neobie & pingpong )

PT-YPR/Brazil (thanks to Slowhatch )

Campo de Marte (code SBMT).  ( thanks Slowhatch )

   Eric & Jeremy ( TV Guide picture )
St. Basil's Cathedral - Red Square - Moscow, Russia ( thanks to supsandalee)

  Alexander Garden , Tomb of Unknown Soldier(credits to Slowhatch & all over team work  )


I'm not sure where Germany fits in so I'm leaving it at the bottom for now
  Porsche’s Weissach test track near Stuttgart. [/b] thanks to Chateau d If

Stuttgart ,Germany  thanks to puddin's Danny 
Joseph in Sicily ( thanks detectives )
  Segesta Greek temple Mediterranean /Sicily ( credits to  lulee Twop's   )


  Corinth Canal ,Greece (thanks to Chateau d If )
Greek Taxi thanks to Neobie

    Hanuman Mask/Thailand   ( thanks to Slowhatch )

More evidence

Slowhatch(this thread ) notices the cans of soda in the Hanuman Mask vidcap .
Chateau d If adds a link to the Coke press.
more evidence found @ this site Monkey with soft drink in Lopburi, Thailand.

  Lopburi Monkey Festival, Thailand ( thanks to Slowhatch )

  Ayuthaya Elephant Kraal or "Phaniat"   ( overall team work )
New~ thanks to banzais vidcaps

aboriginal didgeridoo thanks Slowhatch

  Mt Fuji /Japan( thanks to Neobie @ RTW)

  Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo ( thanks to Neobie @ RTW)


Rusts Flying Service , Alaska ( found by Kogs )


map route speculation thanks to Chateau d If

credits too Rob & Banzai for the promo vidcaps & video links :thumbC:
in addition to the credits above credits to charlierose, Hi-Fi- , riii, sucks, realitytvworld , mcalpine9 ,
( I could not access all links to the locations  so threw in a few that I googled )

I thought it wasn't starting until Jan.; but if any local posters want to check, just wait a week and visit here.


--- Quote from: Slowhatch on November 05, 2005, 09:49:13 PM ---I thought it wasn't starting until Jan.; but if any local posters want to check, just wait a week and visit here.

--- End quote ---

If I recall, it will air in January.  Filming was to start in November.

from the attic

--- Quote from: puddin on October 08, 2005, 12:06:13 PM ---Now you have me on a Phil hunt ...
from another article

Phil Keoghan has been the host of all eight "Amazing Race" editions and will start shooting "AR9" in January.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Slowhatch on October 08, 2005, 08:40:50 PM ---That's interesting info if the article is accurate; the TAR9 eligibility sheet had finals this month with the race run in Nov.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: puddin on October 30, 2005, 03:15:43 PM ---updated :

--- Quote ---My Dad's an idiot.
As a lot of you know, my Dad's a producer for the Amazing Race, and he owns a risk management company for the entertainment industry.

He also served for 18 years in UK Special Forces. He worked for a number of years in Intelligence Analysis and Information Security, advising senior military and political figures. He's also got an MBE and three Emmy Awards for his work in the Race.

People say he's a genius. But I beg to differ. When my Dad and I are out together, he's a complete random idiot. I often end up punching him in the arm to shut him up, but he gets great joy in attempting to wind me up. So, I caught him on tape.


He does this when I'm with him all the time. Thank god he's buggered off for pre-production of the next series of the Race.

Posted by Sinyc on Saturday, October 22, 2005
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

I knew I had seen that filming was in November somewhere....It was the app!!!    :] 

Wish I could have filled that one out.  But I'll be haning out here instead!


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